Moving from Florida to New York

HIGH STREAM MOVING, one of the leading moving companies, provides an efficiently conducted, high-quality household moving from Florida to New York. Our professional movers, backed by years of experience, high professionalism, top-notch equipment, and absolutely no hidden fees, ensure your move happens without stress.

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    Whether you’re relocating to a new city or across the country, we will make your move stress-free!

    Specially trained drivers
    Storage services
    Custom procedures
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    Across country moving
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    From packing to loading and unloading furniture, you may face different challenges. Moving to a new home is the most exciting part but it is quite a difficult task at the same time. Over long distances, you may get scared of any breakage if you are trying to do it yourself.

    Well, at High Stream Moving, we stand out to provide stress-free moving services long distances in Canada. Our expert movers promise to safely deliver your stuff for many thousand miles.

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    High Stream Moving is proud to offer moving from Florida To New York and all across Greater Toronto Area.

    Reasons Why People Move From Calgary To Vancouver

    The splendor of New York's name is what initially draws many to the thought of migrating there from Florida.

    Wide visionaries have long considered moving to New York, and they have every right to do so.

    One of the most well-known places in the globe and a location unique is New York.

    People come to this city in droves to pursue their goals, whether they are those of a wandering artist, an aspirant entrepreneur, or an aspiring entertainment.

    Individuals still regard the city as being extraordinarily lovely and appealing notwithstanding its frenetic and fast-paced surroundings.

    Pros and Cons of Living in New York


    • A variety of attractions and places to spend time: Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Radio City Music Hall, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and Central Park.
    • New York City is on the list of cities where the public transportation system operates around the clock.
    • The unemployment rate has been declining for many years. Jobs in a variety of industries are available to everyone.


    • The cost of rent in New York City is well above the national average, making it one of the most expensive places in the country.
    • New York City is characterized by a fair share of noise pollution.

    Best Locations for Moving from Florida to New York

    There are some great neighborhoods to look into if you're going to New York. These are a few locations to think about relocating to:

    • Brooklyn
    • Queens
    • Manhattan
    • Staten Island
    • The Bronx
    • Rochester
    • Albany
    • White Plains
    • Rochester
    • New Rochelle

    Each one of these communities has a unique aesthetic and a range of offerings. Find your answers here if you're unsure as to what location is best suited for you.

    Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Moving Company

    Deciding to relocate your possessions alone from Florida to a city like New York can be extremely difficult. Over 1151 miles, or 17 and a half hours of travel, separate Florida and New York.

    You will seek the assistance of a commercial moving provider that can provide storage services, packing & unpacking services, and other moving services if you are relocating such lengthy distances. Moving alone is riskier than it is beneficial. Here are a few difficulties you could encounter when relocating on your own.

    • A trailer truck rental charge is more expensive.
    • Because of the location, you may grow weary of driving after more than 17 hours of travel.
    • You will be left alone and stuck somewhere if the vehicle runs out of fuel somewhere without a connection to the internet.
    • The strain of relocating increases your chance of experiencing a psychological or cognitive collapse.
    • It may become dangerous for you when adverse weather condition happens such as blizzards and tropical storms.
    • When on the move, you are more likely unaware of the road conditions following ahead. Therefore, it will make the relocation bumpy and difficult to accomplish.

    As they are more prepared and qualified to manage all the obstacles that exist in the work situation, contacting a moving company from Florida to New York will relieve you of all the worry associated with the relocation.

    Our Moving Process


    Move Planning

    After receiving a complete estimate with 99% accuracy and a customized moving plan, you choose an exact date.

    Packing & Loading

    High-quality packaging, including fragile items and non-standard in size. Fastening with belts in the truck for safety on the road.

    Securely Moving

    Trained to drive large vehicles in cities and on highways, our drivers deliver your belongings on time.

    Arrival & Unloading

    Unloading and lifting boxes, assembling and installing furniture; picking up the remaining packaging and trash.

    Do you have any questions?

    High Stream Moving is proud to offer moving from Florida to New York and all across Greater Toronto Area.

    The Cost Of Your Long Distance Moving from Florida to New York

    The cost of moving from FL to NY varies depending on a diverse range of factors, such as the size of the home, the distance to be traveled, and the season of the year you decide to transfer. Relocating is typically more economical from October to April, which is considered the off-season.

    The lowest price for moving from Florida to New York is $249. There are two main cost choices available:

    • Rent the 1320 cu ft entire trailer. The average price of a cross-country trailer is $7490.
    • You don't need a trailer if you merely have a few items. In such cases, you can create a list of things or complete our form for a Long-Distance Moving Quote. With the use of this form, you may determine how many cubic feet or square feet your products will occupy in the trailer and receive prices accordingly.

    To satisfy your needs and budget, High Stream Moving offers competitive prices and a wide range of services. Call us right away to get a free quote!

    Why Choose Us?

    High Stream Moving provides the full cycle service: from making a moving plan and timeline to unpacking at the new place.


    10+ Years of Experience

    Our movers have circumnavigated the globe 150 times (6000000 km) and the number of moves completed has exceeded 800.

    Accurate Estimate

    Our preliminary estimate is so accurate that the real final cost will differ by a maximum of 1%. We report in detail what work will be done and how much it costs, with no hidden extras.

    Our HR approves only the best employees who have passed a three-stage selection system to join our team.


    Personal Assistant

    We respond quickly and with a individual approach to requests. For any urgent moving needs, we will find a personalized solution for you.

    Truck Fleet

    Our fleet of 20-53 foot trailers can haul small loads as well as a three-bedroom home or commercial office. We regularly check the trucks to ensure they are in good working order.

    Our Services

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