Long Distance Moving in Toronto

High Stream Moving performs long-distance moving services in Toronto & all across Canada and the USA.

Whether you’re relocating to a new city or across the country, we are the long-distance moving company you have been looking for!

Сall professional movers in Canada at (800) 430-1537 for a free estimate for your best moving day.

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Get free quote in 5 minutes

    Get free quote in 5 minutes

      Your long-distance relocation partner in Toronto, GTA and beyond

      Specially trained drivers
      Long-distance storage services
      Custom crating solutions
      Real-time GPS-enabled trucks
      Canada & USA
      Across country moving

      Long-distance moving across Canada or USA can be challenging in many aspects because it requires certain skills and knowledge as well as experience. You may face mental stress and physical challenges while planning a trip, packing fragile stuff, or packing the truck the right way to make sure your items are stacked up safely for a long drive.

      Long haul moves are very different from your regular local move. You will have to get ready to drive a minimum of 1,000 km per day consider various road hazards and emergencies too.

      Save your energy for a housewarming party; hire Toronto professional movers from High Stream Moving.

      We move almost everything, almost everywhere! Our moving company proposes both province to province moving and cross border moving or international moving.

      Our movers with years of experience in the industry will take care of the entire process from giving you the best quote to delivering your items to your new home safely and intact. No matter moving in Canada to another province, we provide moving and storage services, packing and unpacking services, residential and commercial moving services.

      Moving from Toronto Vancouver or anywhere in Canada and the USA; whether you require a relocation of a single item, office space, or an entire house with furniture, pianos, aquariums, pool table and more.

      Do you have any questions?

      High Stream Moving is proud to offer long distance moving services in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and the USA.

      Professinal Movers in Toronto

      High Stream Moving started back in 2011 with two movers and 1 moving truck. From the very beginning the company has been managed by movers with a vast knowledge and understanding of the moving industry.

      Our mission was to utilize our experience and bring the new level of quality and highest possible standards to serve our clients in the best way. We are proud of our 96% refferal rate and continue to strive to improve further.

      Today we have a 9.0 rating on HomeStars, our fleet of over 10 trucks, and our moving team has expanded several times over.

      Our Toronto punctual and best movers have 2 main logistical directions:

      • across the GTA,
      • from Ontario to all major cities in Canada, the USA, and back.

      Our careful and accurate combining of customers' cargo allows us to offer prices much lower than our competitors.

      We assign a coordinator to each client. If you need help keeping track of your stuff, organizing storage, or any additional requests, please let us know to make your move stress-free. We can help you with not only condo moving, but also office moving.

      For your convenience, we provide physical & virtual on-site estimates.

      Our Long Distance Moving Process


      Move Planning

      After receiving a complete estimate with 99% accuracy and a customized moving plan, you choose an exact date for your move.

      Packing & Loading

      We provide the best in class packing services in Toronto including custom crating for your most delicate goods. We have developed a unique technique to pack the truck so all your belongings are delivered intact.

      Securely Moving

      Trained to drive large vehicles in cities and on highways, our drivers deliver your belongings on time.

      Arrival & Unloading

      Unloading and lifting boxes, assembling and installing furniture; picking up the remaining packaging and trash.

      Challenges When Moving Over Long Distances

      Problems & effective solutions we provide to our valuable customers.

      Unproper Packing Causing Damaging

      Light-colored furniture upholstery can get dirty, a table leg broken, a leather chair scratched. Unsafe truck packing can cause severe damages.

      Solution We Provide: Customized packing materials and experienced movers will wrap your light colored sofa in cover, the table will be disassembled and packed in bubble wrap just like the chair. Truck will be packed properly.

      Injuries During Loading

      With no portable or lifting equipment and no experience, it is easy to get injured while moving large and heavy items.

      Solution We Provide: Our movers have special equipment that makes the job easier and faster. Our team have the required phisique and experience.

      Fragile & Non-standard Items

      Moving of pool tables, antique crystal, art, sculptures or pianos require special care .

      Solution We Provide: We pack fragile items in bubble wrap, paintings in individual cases and special crates, and custom containers for large items.

      Time-Consuming Problem

      Self packing can take weeks, during the move unforeseen situations can get you off the tracks.

      Solution We Provide: We take care of all chores, get the job done in a timely manner and deal with any surprises.

      Theft of Belongings During the Move

      Packaged items organized in one place without supervision are easy prey for thieves.

      Solution We Provide: We insure all the belongings, lock the truck with disk locks, and during loading, things are always under watch.

      Our Best Moving Service

      Do you have any questions?

      High Stream Moving is proud to offer long distance moving services in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and the USA.

      Long Distance Moving Cost

      What sets us apart from other companies? We calculate the moving cost by the volume of items, not by weight. You provide us with the list of items or fill up long distance quote. This is how we calculate the space your belongings will take in a trailer.

      Based on this information we provide you with the upfront, transparent pricing. Be wary of suspiciously low estimates, some unscrupulous companies may increase the final cost due to hidden commissions and extra charges.

      When you hire High Stream Moving, you get a clear cost without any surprise fees.

      Our long distance moving costs start at $350. Prices for full long-distance move vary and range from $1500 to $7000.

      For a more detailed understanding of relocation pricing, check out our article on the cost of long-distance moves. There, we go into more detail about the factors, as well as provide a formula for calculating the cost of a relocation.

      Contact us to find out the actual price for your load. At any time, you can update the list of items, and we will adjust the moving price to reflect your changes.

      Why Choose Our Long-Distance Movers?

      High Stream Moving provides the full cycle service: from making a moving plan and timeline to unpacking at the new place.


      10+ Years of Experience

      Our movers have circumnavigated the globe 150 times (6000000 km), and the number of moves completed has exceeded 800.

      1-Month Free Storage

      We provide 1 month of free storage in our private climate-controlled warehouses with 24/7 video monitoring. If you're in need of long-term storage, you're welcome!

      Our HR approves only the best employees who have passed a three-stage selection system to join our team.


      Trained Drivers

      Our drivers are certified weekly on ​​our proprietary training program for long-distance moves. They know all nuances of difficult road sections to carefully navigate them.

      Accurate Estimate

      Our preliminary estimate based on your information is so accurate that the real final cost will differ by a maximum of 1%. We report in detail what work will be done and how much it costs, with no hidden extras.

      In compliance with the law, we will help you to prepare all the documents necessary to move between states and countries.


      100% Bonded & Insured

      We insure your possessions during the move on an all-inclusive basis. The insurance guarantees that in the event of damage, you will be compensated.

      Delivery Dates

      We provide shared truck delivery - moving time depends on logistics and truck fullness; express delivery - 100% guaranteed departure dates. With our clear delivery dates you can plan your move with confidence and make future plans with convenience.

      Request a Free Quote

      Get free quote in 5 minutes
      Get free quote in 5 minutes

        Moving FAQs

        The exact cost depends on several factors: distance, number of belongings, need for additional services like packing. The cost range for a long distance move is approximately $2,600 to $6,700.
        A local move is defined as a move within a state, and an intercity move is a move across state or national borders.
        From the point of view of the relocation process itself, two factors are more important: time and unforeseen situations. To organize the process from scratch is to face uncertainty and often not knowing what will be needed. This leads to situations that require urgent solutions that were not originally planned for. People become nervous and rushed, which leads to conflicts, sloppiness, loss and strained relationships with loved ones. These consequences are the crux of the difficulty, not at all the heavy stuff that needs to be moved from the house to the truck.
        If you count roughly, you should stock 2-3 large boxes, 3-5 medium boxes and 10 small boxes for each room.
        When you expect an accurate fixed cost and deadline to be met by the long distance moving company in Toronto. When estimating over the phone or even online, the customer may unknowingly leave out important details that could result in an unexpectedly higher cost or longer moving time.
        The time depends on the number of items and the movers you hire. For a studio move it takes from 3 hours for loading + transportation, for a three-bedroom house - from 8 hours + transportation.  Add time for packing for each room from 2 hours.
        The easiest way to pack a house is to sort through your belongings and make a list of the things you are taking with you. Start at the top and work your way down. Use a color coding system to label boxes. And order a packing service, then it will be 3-6 times faster.
        For moves, toll roads are included in the transportation company's services. When crossing a country's border, you are likely to encounter tolls if you are carrying prohibited items, a matter worth investigating in advance due to its individuality.
        At the initial moving estimate, you will be provided with a complete estimate that takes into account all nuances, including the floor of the house and the need to move furniture.
        Bad weather, such as wind. moderate rain and snow is not. Moves are canceled when there is a threat to the safety of belongings and the health and lives of people: hurricanes, blizzards, heavy rains leading to floods, fires, as well as their consequences in the form of blocked roads.
        The cheapest time for long distance moving companies is winter. In other seasons, moving in the middle of the month and in the middle of the week will cost you a little less.
        If necessary, after the move movers will help to unpack things and assemble and install furniture. This service is paid additionally.
        If you want to choose a specific moving date, give the moving company two months' notice. Otherwise, you can count on a free time being offered, which may not be as convenient for you.
        Our company provides full insurance for your property. This means that if something happens to it, you will be reimbursed for the full damage.
        We'll find a truck that fits your amount of stuff. This can be more than one truck if necessary. 
        For transportation of fragile household items, we do not charge extra. Transportation of items such as pianos is calculated separately.

        Our Services

        Local moving
        Stress-free relocation within a community
        Long distance moving
        Any distances: interstate & cross-country
        Piano moving
        Specialized equipment & trained movers
        Moving storage
        Private climate-controlled units & 24/7 security
        Top-quality materials & color-coded labeling system
        Car shipping
        Door-to-door car delivery & real-time tracking
        Office moving
        Zero downtime & expert handling of tech gear
        Pool table moving
        Handling upstairs and downstairs & expert setup
        Сross Border Moving
        Canada & USA moving with GPS-tracked vans
        Province to Province Moving
        Moving all over provinces & states of Canada & USA
        International Moving
        Reliable transport over long distances & different countries
        Condo Moving
        Careful handling of apartment furniture & personal treasures

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