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Packing Service in Toronto

Packing is one of the most important and time-consuming parts of your move. Many people neglect this aspect which can result in damage or even loss of your precious items.

When you move into a new home, it makes sense to think about the necessity of some things and take inventory – throw away unnecessary, broken items. Don’t carry things with you to your new home.

In addition to packing boxes, there is also furniture that needs to be disassembled, i.e. prepared for transport.

Packing Yourself

If you decide to pack yourself, depending on the number of goods, the packing time often takes about 2-3 weeks for a 2-3 bedroom house or 1 week for packing a 1 bedroom flat. 

To understand whether to order professional packing or to pack yourself, it is worth looking at various factors:

  • Time pressure: work commitments, children, college or university studies.
  • Health: personal circumstances, physical disability.
  • Willingness to pack, as it is easier to hire professionals.
  • The presence of packaging skills, as the task is very energy consuming.
  • Ability to interest the sales person and to show the value of the service.
  • Financial situation.

How Long Does It Take For Professionals to Pack a House?

If you order a packing service from High Stream Moving, the movers/packers come with all the necessary materials and knowledges about what and how to do packing.

House SizeNumber of PackersTime
1 bedroom2 packers6-8 hours
2 bedroom2 packers10-15 hours
3+ bedroom3 or 4 packers2-3 full days

These are average figures and the time may vary depending on the number of items, the light in the room, the condition of the items, etc.

What Does Furniture Need to Be Dismantled When Moving?

  • Beds. Often, beds do not fit through doorways and take up a lot of space in the truck, which makes it difficult to pack the truck, i.e. the bed frame is difficult to fit into the general mass of things, as it creates an empty space inside that must be filled separately and find other suitable items that will fit inside.
  • Mattresses. They should always be hand wrapped with 85 gauge shrink wrap or a special mattress cover. This protects against dust, smells and moisture, and is also important for hygiene reasons, as customers sometimes combine loads in the same truck.
  • Kitchen tables, office desks, party tables, etc. The legs break when moving so they can be unscrewed. When disassembled, the table takes up less space in the truck, it’s easy to pack and it’s safe for the table.
  • Sofas. Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble, as do not pass in a doorway, non-standard shape or simply too heavy or collapsible, i.e. consisting of separate parts.
  • Glass Soleil. The mirror is unscrewed from its base or stand.
  • Large & Heavy Items. This includes dressers, massage chairs, pool tables, children’s swings, trampolines. It’s good for laying things out in the truck so that they fit and are positioned correctly.
  • Overall Stuff. When people buy new furniture, they usually receive it disassembled, wrapped in special paralon to prevent scratching, wrapped in a bag and boxed up to prevent damage during transportation.

How Do We Pack You For the Move

No more time-wasting or overpriced moves. While choosing High Stream Moving packing service you are GUARANTEED to get the high quality with a TIMELY manner of work done! You pay a reasonable price for honest work. Now you can relax and use your time for something more pleasant.

  • Crystal, Glass & Other Fragile Objects. Lay the bottom of the box with special foam paralon or bubble wrap in several layers. Crumple the packing paper in your hands and wrap each piece separately.  The idea is that the paper should cover the whole surface and there should be some empty spaces on the folds of the paper, this technique creates a safe space between the sides of the glass. The crystal is placed vertically in the box so that it doesn’t crack. Special glass spacers are placed between the glasses.
  • Sharp Objects, Knives, Forks & Skewers. It is important that no sharp objects stick out of the boxes. This applies to all boxes. We wrap sharp edges so that they don’t cut through and tape them up. 
  • Porcelain, Plates & Other Kitchen Utensils. The same principle as for fragile items is used. When packing utensils, nothing should hang around inside the box; we press them together gently and wrap them in crumpled paper. Also, the box must be completely filled, otherwise foam bubbles or crumpled paper will fill the empty space.
  • Furniture. All furniture should be packed in moving blankets and shrink wrap. For fragile, expensive furniture, the movers make boxes by hand and use heavy-duty moving boxes. They wrap the furniture, then tape it around so that the cardboard stays in place, and finally wrap the shrink wrap tightly around the furniture to hold the entire structure together.
  • Antique Furniture. For this, a crate is made out of a fibreboard box. The furniture is pre-folded in bubble wrap + shrink wrap and the empty spaces in the box are filled with special foam packing peanuts for the transportation of especially valuable goods.
  • Mirrors, Glass Shelves, Pictures, and TVs. We wrap them with heavy-duty bubble wrap, apply tape to hold them crosswise, and put them in a special box for pictures or TV. Always sign the box to indicate which side is the glass and which is the back wall. It is always secured with slings or rubber bands to hold it against the wall on its own.

Why Choose High Stream Moving

With High Stream Moving you can rely on our extensive expertise and the best available packing materials and techniques.

Our movers are properly trained for safe, fast, and proper packing.

It does not matter what the value, size, structure or material of the item is – we will pack it most safely and securely to avoid any possible damage and add a little more to your stress-free experience with us.

Any successful moving starts with planning! Check out the best Packing Tips! It is a good idea to estimate and organize your belongings.

We offer FREE OF CHARGE furniture wrapping! Give us a call or email us for a quick quote!

  • Bubble wrap
  • Boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Mattress cover
  • Furniture Pad

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