Pool Table Moving in Toronto

High Stream Moving is proud to offer pool table moving services in Toronto, GTA and all across Canada and the USA. Don't hesitate to call the professional pool table movers at (800) 430-1537 if you have questions. We will solve your task with a personalized approach. Our movers will make sure your billiard table is moved safely from the point A to the point B.
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    Pool or snooker tables - we safely move them all at any distance for any needs!

    Trained movers
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    Over 200 tables moved
    Proper fixation in the truck
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    High Stream Moving have been providing pool table moving services in Toronto for more than 10 years. From small home to large commercial pool tables, our skilled movers can disassemble, deliver it to your new location and install your pool table.

    Customers all over Toronto were satisfied with the expertise of our pool table movers based on their reviews. Many of the leading brands, including Guild, Brunswick, Dufferin, BCE, Olhausen, Canada Billiard, Beringer, Palason, and a multitude of others, have been assembled by our qualified movers. We also cover a significant geographic area as we do pool tables moving around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

    Hire Pool Table Movers: Is It Worth?

    Moving a pool table DIY may seem like an inexpensive idea, especially if your friends are willing to help. However, there are financial and safety risks involved.

    Let's review the facts: with a pool table size of 8x4ft or 12x6ft, and weighing 320 to 1,000 pounds, moving a pool table from scratch takes two experienced movers 4 to 7 hours.

    • For an inexperienced person, the entire cycle of transporting a pool table will take much longer. Time is money, especially when you take time off work.
    • Without specialised moving systems in trucks, the risk of damaging the pool table is very high. Renting is expensive and inefficient for a one-time move.
    • The lack of protective material layers will expose the table to moisture or temperature fluctuations.
    • Improper table cloth installation causes it to wrinkle, tear, and lose flatness. Repairing damage ranges from $300 to $950, which is considerably more expensive than hiring a moving company.
    • It is possible to get injured if the table is not moved properly.

    Avoid all these mishaps using mover's services to transport a pool table in Toronto instead of moving on your own.

    Our Pool Table Moving Services

    • Local & Long-distance Pool Table Moving

    Our WSIB-covered pool table movers can move for any distance. To ensure the safety of the relocation, we provide full liability insurance for the welfare of our clients.

    • Residential & Commercial Pool Table Moving

    From the standard size of the pool table to bigger tables like snooker for your business or for personal use. Our professional movers use hydraulic lifts and fastening safety straps and rigging belts for a successful move.

    • Pool Table Storage

    For both short- and long-needs, we provide protected pool table storage services. Our specialized warehouses are equipped with humidity and climate control, CCTV cameras, and also fully insured.

    • Assemble and Disassemble Pool Table

    Without experience, pool tables are difficult to disassemble for moving due to their specific characteristics. Our experienced assembly specialists take into account the specific features of your particular pool table.

    • Pool Table Packing

    Our team will wrap every bit of the pool table after dismantling it to prevent scratches, chips, and damage. Rails, pockets, and legs are packed with bubble wrap and protective cushioning while slate is secured using moving blankets.

    • Pool Table Moving Upstairs & Downstairs

    We can move the pool table from the bottom floor or basement to the top floor or vice versa. Free up the room for renovation or other needs.

    • Pool Table Delivery After Purchase

    Regardless of where the purchase is made, we can bring your pool table to the buyer's home/office/club anywhere in Canada.

    Our Moving Process

    1. Pre-Move Assessment. Upon receipt of the request, we send (free of charge) an employee to evaluate and make an estimate based on the size, weight, conditions of the pool table move. Also, we select the appropriate packing materials, number of movers and vehicle.
    2. Disassembly, Packing, and Securing. Our technicians remove slates, pockets, and rails, and then pack them with crates or boxes for high-strength packaging. Also, fastening devices are used to secure it in the truck.
    3. Transportation. To move your pool table safely, our driver are trained for any weather conditions like blizzards and storms. They are also familiar with road route and its conditions in Canada and the USA.
    4. Reassembly and Leveling. After arriving at the new location, our moving crew assembles the pool table: leveling with a machine level, correcting the base and appearance with a two-weight composite and a solution of beeswax and resin.
    5. Post-Move Inspection. To ensure correct operation and tackle any issues you might have, we will carefully examine your pool table.

    Do you have any questions?

    High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional pool table moving services in Toronto and all across Greater Toronto Area.

    Cost of Pool Table Movers in Toronto

    The pool table moving cost anywhere within Ontario ranges between $350 and $950. It depends on the table measurement, quantity of stairs involved, unlevel floor surfaces, slate (number of plates), and whether or not a new pool table felt or cloth is required.

    The cost of installing or moving a pool table for a door-to-door service is shown below. Remember that these rates are only guidelines and that terms may change based on the unique intricacy of every undertaking and the length of the trip between destinations.

    Type of ServicePrice for Moving a Pool Table
    Price for moving with assembly 4/8 table / 3 slates$750-950
    Price for moving with assembly 4/8 table / 1 slate$950-1200
    Price for changing 4/8 cloth without the bumpers$300
    Price for changing 4/8 cloth with bumpers$600
    Price for moving without assembly 12/6 snooker table$1200-1800
    Price for moving with assembly 12/6 snooker table$1900-2400

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    High Stream Moving provides a quality pool table moving service and cover a wide geographic area!


    10+ Years of Experience

    All our movers are regularly trained on our own tables before they are allowed to work on a customer's pool table.

    Personal Assistant

    We respond quickly and with a individual approach to requests. For any urgent moving needs, we will find a personalized solution for you.

    Since we are Canadians ourselves, we know the local roads, climate, and legislative nuances.


    Clear Pricing Policy

    You will receive a detailed estimate, where all the work will be described step by step without hidden fees.

    Eco-Friendly Service

    We reuse packaging materials wherever possible, and will soon be the first company to use electric trucks.

    High Stream Moving prioritizes excellence in every moving, big or small!


    Fully Insured

    You are guaranteed to receive full compensation for damages in case of an insured event with your pool table during transportation.

    Proven Reliability

    All our movers are police checked. We regularly maintain our vehicles and the equipment used to prevent unforeseen delays.


    Here are some of the frequently asked questions
    Yes, our pool table movers in Toronto provide billiard moving services including disassembly, packing, relocating, and we can also reassemble your pool table.

    Pool tables are hard to move because they're large, heavy, and delicate.

    They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and are often constructed from sensitive materials like slate and wood. That's why it's crucial to safely move your table to avoid any damage.

    The whole piano moving can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire day.
    Moving pool tables is expensive because it requires specialized skills and equipment. The table needs to be disassembled, carefully packed, transported without causing damage, and then reassembled and leveled at the new location. This is a task that demands both time and expertise for a professional service.

    While it's theoretically possible to move a pool table without taking it apart, it's generally not recommended.

    Disassembly helps prevent damage to the table's delicate components and makes the table easier to maneuver. Moving a pool table in one piece may also be impossible if doorways, staircases, or room sizes don't allow for it.

    To prepare your pool table for a move, you should first remove any removable accessories like balls, cues, and racks. If possible, disassemble the table, starting with the rails, followed by the felt and the slate. Each piece should be wrapped in moving blankets or other protective material.
    Yes, a pool table can be moved upstairs, but it requires extra manpower and care due to the weight and size of the table components. Special equipment may also be necessary to safely move the table up a staircase.
    We protect your pool table by wrapping the slate in moving blankets, securing the rails with bubble wrap, and placing all delicate components in custom wooden crates. Our team's knowledge and expertise ensures each part is handled with the utmost care for a secure move.
    We carry all types of pool tables including pool tables, snooker tables and carom pool tables.

    Yes, moving a pool table can affect its performance if not handled properly.

    Misalignment, improper assembly, or damage to the slate, cushions, or other components during the move can lead to uneven playing surfaces and negatively impact the accuracy and consistency of play.

    In some cases it may indeed be necessary to replace the cloth (if it has been glued down, if it is worn, has holes, has already been re-installed after transport).

    We move all types of pianos in all the GTA including:

    • Toronto
    • Vaughan
    • Mississauga
    • Hamilton
    • Richmond Hill
    • Barrie
    • Kitchener
    • Aurora
    • Oshawa
    • Oakville
    • Brampton
    • Etobicoke, etc.

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