Piano Moving in Toronto

High Stream Moving is proud to offer piano moving services in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area. Don't hesitate to call the best piano movers at (800) 430-1537 if you have some questions. We take care of any type of piano and ensure everything goes smoothly. The upright, concert, spinet, console, grand, or baby grand pianos.
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Get free quote in 5 minutes

    Get free quote in 5 minutes

      Are you moving a piano to a new city or across the country? We are here to help!

      Specially trained drivers
      Piano storage services
      Custom procedures
      Reliable fleet of trucks
      Across country piano moving
      Canada/USA piano moving
      From cushioning to maneuvering and placing a piano, you may encounter various obstacles. Moving a large piano to a new venue or new home can be thrilling, but it's also incredibly challenging. Over long hauls, there's always the fear of causing damage if you're attempting to do it alone. At High Stream Moving, we pride ourselves on offering hassle-free door-to-door piano moving services across Canada. Our best-equipped piano moving crews are committed to safely transporting your treasured instrument over any distance.

      Do you have any questions?

      High Stream Moving is proud to offer Toronto's professional piano moving services all across the Greater Toronto Area.

      Professional Movers in Toronto, GTA

      When you need a piano transport service, it is very important to choose the right company for the job.

      A piano is a heavy, fragile instrument. Therefore, moving a piano requires additional care; nobody wants to break a wall or a stair or damage the piano itself.

      At High Stream Moving, we have a professional team of piano movers Toronto, a depot of trucks, and all the tools to safely deliver your piano anywhere in Canada and the USA, whether it transports to the American prairies or to a neighbor's house upstairs.

      With over 10 years of experience in piano moving, we serve all piano types. Our daily operations have made us experts in the city's layout.

      Give us a call at (800) 430-1537 to get a stress-free, reliable, and professional service.

      Move a Piano Yourself: Is It Worth?

      You need to have the strength and knowledge to move successfully. Every particular piano move requires experience that you can only get from previous piano moves.

      It's not recommended to move a piano without proper equipment, which was created to improve piano moving performance and make the process safer.

      • An apartment piano size or Spinet is pretty okay to move for an average mesomorph healthy person, from main to main floor, if extra care is taken and the correct technique is learned.
      • A grand piano needs to be disassembled and placed on its side before moving day.
      • Upright pianos or grand types vary in weight, and some weigh 600lb or more and require 3+ piano movers. Normally, two strong people are enough for the work to be done from main to main floor, up to 4 stairs, with a piano weight up to 250-300 lb.

      However, having more stairs or steps involved in piano relocation makes the process harder because stairs mean raising or lowering the piano at an angle.

      In these cases, the right experience really matters, as well as teamwork. Just think for a moment of crushing a foot or dropping the piano off the steps, not to mention scratches, dents, etc., on walls, floors, etc.

      What Do We Offer

      Googling "piano movers near me", but can't find the right expert? High Stream Moving is here for all moving needs!

      We offer local and long-distance piano moving from Canada to the USA or from the USA to Canada. We serve all of the Greater Toronto Area, including Newmarket, Kelowna, Barrie, and Hamilton!

      When it comes to packing your precious instrument, WSIB-compliant professionals from High Stream Moving use only the best packing materials for extra protection, moving pads and blankets, sturdy straps, and electric lifting devices.

      Also, we use special piano skid boards with belts to secure the piano to the board and to lift the piano. These skidboards are essential for lifting pianos up and down stairs and for removing pianos from the house.

      We analyze every order using the data provided. If needed, we can build custom-measured crates. During the relocation, we maintain constant communication, ensuring your move is convenient.

      Our Expert Moving Services

      • Piano lifting
      • Piano tuning
      • Moving around the house
      • Last-minute emergency moving

      Do you have any questions?

      High Stream Moving is proud to offer the best moving services for pianos in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area.

      Our Toronto Moving Process


      Estimate & Preparation

      Request a free estimate by phone or via our contact form. Our managers coordinate the date & all the details of your piano's move with you. Sit back and enjoy the work of our professionals.

      Packing & Securing

      Our team of piano movers protects the piano's surface. Then, we carry it out of your home using ramps, dollies, and straps, securely loading and fastening it in the truck.

      Piano Transportation

      For delivery, we take a route that minimizes the risk of injury to your precious piano and also mitigates amortization in the truck.

      Unloading & Installation

      Upon arrival, we will lift the piano to the necessary floor, set it up in its new location, and tune it.

      How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano with High Stream Moving?

      Prices for moving start at $360 and depend on the type and size of a piano, the distance, elevator availability, and accompanying services. Below are the costs of the most common piano types. For our customers, we provide additional climate-controlled storage for 1 month free of charge!

      Piano TypeCostNumber of Movers
      Spinet, apartment size, small/regular upright360$2 movers main floor (3 stairs included)
      Heavy upright, baby grand390$2 movers main floor (3 stairs included)
      Semi-concert grand, 8 ft grand550$-700$2 movers main floor (3 stairs included)

      If you want to know more about how the cost of moving pianos is calculated, the additional costs, and what basically affects it, read our detailed guide about piano moving costs in Toronto.

      Why Choose Our Piano Moving Company in Toronto

      High Stream Moving company provides a quality piano moving service for an affordable price!


      Piano Storage Services

      We have a storage facility for your piano with 24-hour security! In contrast to other expensive piano and furniture moving companies from Canada and the USA, our prices will surprise you positively! Every review will prove it!

      Any Work Complexity

      It doesn’t matter how many stairs or where you want to move your piano to a mom's retirement home or to one of the American states - we provide you with a 100% warranty that your grand, console, or electric piano is in good hands.

      Piano moving is one of the most difficult tasks in people’s moving. Our piano moving company in Toronto understands that and is ready to help.


      Wide Service Area

      Our insured piano movers in Toronto or Canada will manage any local, interstate, or cross-country long-distance piano move.

      Free Estimate

      Using the moving calculator, our specialist will give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your piano move. On average, this amount is cheap enough for you to afford it.

      Our Services

      Local moving
      Stress-free relocation within a community
      Long distance moving
      Any distances: interstate & cross-country
      Piano moving
      Specialized equipment & trained movers
      Moving storage
      Private climate-controlled units & 24/7 security
      Top-quality materials & color-coded labeling system
      Car shipping
      Door-to-door car delivery & real-time tracking
      Office moving
      Zero downtime & expert handling of tech gear
      Pool table moving
      Handling upstairs and downstairs & expert setup
      Сross Border Moving
      Canada & USA moving with GPS-tracked vans
      Province to Province Moving
      Moving all over provinces & states of Canada & USA
      International Moving
      Reliable transport over long distances & different countries
      Condo Moving
      Careful handling of apartment furniture & personal treasures

      Request a Free Quote

      Get free quote in 5 minutes
      Get free quote in 5 minutes

        Frequently Asked Questions

        $390 (4 stairs included) within the GTA and $300 (4 stairs included) within the house. Remember, the price may vary depending on the complexity and the number of stairs.

        To calculate the exact cost of your move, call our managers at (800) 430-1537.

        Yes, we provide piano storage services. It costs $125/month with the 1st month free.

        The risks of moving a piano include damages from improper handling or environmental changes. Also, if proper equipment and techniques aren't used, lack of experience can lead to physical injury to the people involved. Inexperienced movers can also damage property, such as floors, walls, and doorways.

        Our experienced movers will take even long distance piano moving flawlessly.

        Before moving a piano with our company, it's important to provide specific details or concerns about your instrument. This could include its type, make, model, age, and any existing damage. Depending on this information we will offer you the best terms, in some cases grand piano moving may be required.

        We also need to know about the locations for pickup and delivery: are there any stairs, landings, narrow doorways, or tight corners? This information helps us to plan the move and ensure we have the right equipment and moving team members.

        Finally, you should understand the cost and what is included in it, our insurance coverage, and our policies for scheduling and cancellations. We want to make sure the entire process is transparent and straightforward.

        The legs of a grand piano are always removed for moving, but this typically isn't the case for an upright piano. However, some kinds of spinnet pianos have legs that can be detached.

        It generally takes at least two to four people to move one piano safely. However, the exact number depends on the piano's size and weight, the path and distance of the move, and the movers' physical capability and qualifications.

        To protect your piano when moving, it is often wrapped in shrink+ thick moving blankets and secured with straps on a piano skid board. The piano is moved using dollies to minimize the risk of injury or damage. Moving blankets are also used underneath to protect the floor. Also, one of the best protection is experience and adequate physical shape.

        Improper piano moving can indeed cause damage. Potential damage includes scratches or dents to the piano's finish, broken legs or pedals, and internal damage to the strings, hammers, or soundboard.

        Yes, a piano has to be tuned after moving. Changes in location, transportation, piano position, and environment can affect the tension of the piano's strings, leading to changes in sound. It's generally recommended to wait a week after the move to allow the piano to acclimate before tuning.

        Moving a piano is a very difficult task that requires exceptional moving skills, experience, physical strength, special equipment, and techniques. Pianos have delicate internal components and awkward shapes. They are very heavy but also very fragile. The cost can also reflect insurance coverage for potential damage. And also distance matters: local piano moving is cheaper than long distance transportation.

        While it's technically possible for an upright piano to be laid on its back, it's not generally recommended. The internal mechanisms of a piano are not designed to withstand the weight of the piano when positioned this way, which could cause damage.

        Hiring professional piano movers is highly recommended and advised because they have specialized training, equipment, and experience. We understand the complexities of moving a piano and how to minimize risks. We also provide insurance, which offers financial protection in the unlikely event of damage. Save your efforts, health, and money by hiring local community movers.

        Yes. Basic insurance is always included in the quote. Extended insurance options are available upon request.

        Moving a piano is difficult because of its size, weight, and fragile nature. Pianos can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1,000 pounds, and their irregular shape makes them awkward to maneuver and even handle. They also contain delicate internal components that can be damaged if not handled properly. Furthermore, their fine-tuning can be affected by movement and changes in the environment, making the moving process even more complex, sometimes extreme.

        Yes, if you need your piano and house to stay intact during transportation. Our Ontario professional piano movers have experience, equipment, skills, and adequate physical level for an accurate and stress-free move. Just imagine these guys making a living by moving pianos. It's their professional activity to relocate your piano safely.

        We use moving blankets under the piano board so we can drag it safely without scratching the floor. If the piano board is made of wood, it can still make scratches when touching the floor or tile. Also, we build our own custom-made heavy-duty moving dollies with rubber wheels only. Pianos are heavy, so plastic wheels can leave dents and scratches on the floor.

        It is not recommended to do it yourself. Improper techniques and a lack of experience can lead to serious injuries or even death. Piano moving upright or downstairs is a task we handle with great care. We use special piano skidboards, custom-made dolly, strong straps, and padded blankets, and our experienced team guides the piano step-by-step.

        The piano moving cost varies from $390 to $700+ and depends on several factors, including size and type of piano, seasonality, distance, complexity, and number of stairs. In our article on how piano moving cost can be calculated, we've looked in detail at all the factors that affect the cost and included a formula for calculating it.

        We move all types of pianos in all the GTA, across Canada & USA, with local Toronto coverage including:

        1. Toronto
        2. Vaughan
        3. Mississauga
        4. Hamilton
        5. Richmond Hill
        6. Barrie
        7. Kitchener
        8. Aurora
        9. Oshawa
        10. Oakville
        11. Brampton
        12. Etobicoke
        13. Kingston, etc.

        We Move All Kinds of Piano Safe and Professional!

        • Spinet piano

          Spinet piano

          36” to 39” tall
          200-300 lbs

        • Console piano

          Console piano

          40” and 44” tall
          200-300 lbs

        • Studio piano

          Studio piano

          45” and 47” tall
          400-500 lbs

        • Professional upright piano

          Professional upright piano

          48” and over
          600-800 lbs

        • Petite grand piano

          Petite grand piano

          4′ 5″ to 4′ 11″
          400-600 lbs

        • Baby grand piano

          Baby grand piano

          5′ to 5′ 5″
          400-600 lbs

        • Medium grand piano

          Medium grand piano

          5′ 6″ to 5′ 8”
          550-650 lbs

        • Professional grand piano

          Professional grand piano

          around 6’
          600-700 lbs

        • Parlor grand piano

          Parlor grand piano

          4′ 5″ to 4′ 11″
          600-700 lbs

        • Semi-concert piano

          Semi-concert piano

          around 7’
          900-1000 lbs

        • Concert piano

          Concert piano

          around 9’
          900-1200 lbs

        • Hybrid & electronic piano

          Hybrid & electronic piano

          4′ 5″ to 6′
          50-400 lbs

        Baby Grand4’8to 5’8Medium Grand5’6to 59ProfessionalGrand 6’Semi-ConcertGrand 74Concert Grand811’ and MoreUpright Style PianosGrand PianosSpinet36to 39Console40to 44Studio45to 49Upright50to 60