Province to Province Moving

High Stream Moving has over 10 years of experience, specializing in personalized and stress-free moving services, including cross country relocations, home and commercial moving, packing, loading and unloading and much more.

Your peace of mind is our priority. That's why we are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us today at (800) 430-1537 and let us turn your moving into a seamless experience.

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Get free quote in 5 minutes

    Get free quote in 5 minutes

      Planning to move across provinces? Call High Stream Moving for convenient interprovincial moving services!

      Based in Toronto
      Free estimate
      Skilled and well-trained moving experts
      Affordable services
      Reliable moving services
      Canada/USA moving

      When you entrust your relocate to High Stream Moving, you open the door to a host of benefits designed to make your move exceptional.

      Our reputable team of international moving professionals can help you with paperwork and plan the best routes from one province to another while taking into account factors such as weather, road conditions, and traffic congestion.

      Give us a call for a detailed consultation at (800) 430-1537.

      Do you have any questions?

      High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional province to province moving services in Toronto and all across Greater Toronto Area.

      Benefits of Moving With High Stream Moving

      Moving day with a Toronto company like us comes with various benefits:

      • The professional movers at High Stream Moving pack and load your belongings quickly and efficiently and safely, saving you hours or days.
      • You get customized moving services. Your belongings are wrapped using durable packing materials, custom-made to fit your furniture. Also, your household items are secured with bubble wraps and heavy-duty moving blankets to ensure no damage.
      • Using a moving company helps reduce injury risks during the moving process as the professionals are experienced in moving large and heavy things.
      • You get free virtual and physical on-site estimates at your convenience.
      • Your belongings are 100% secured and insured! If any damages happen during the moving process, our company fully compensates you.
      • You get assigned a moving manager or coordinator to provide you with an inventory list, charges information, and delivery dates, ensuring you get a swift move to your new home.
      • Professional movers work with your schedule and can accommodate last-minute moves.

      Our Province to Province Moving Process


      Move Planning

      At first, you receive a complete estimate with 99% accuracy guaranteed. We also provide you a customized moving plan, and then you choose an exact date.

      Packing & Loading

      We secure your fragile items with the high-quality packaging; also craft customized solutions for non-standard in size. Then fasten with belts all your belongings in the truck for safety on the road.

      Securely Moving to Another Province

      Trained to drive large vehicles in cities and on highways, our drivers deliver your household items or commercial equipment to your new location at a different province on time.

      Arrival & Unloading

      We unload and lift boxes, assemble and install furniture, picking up the remaining packaging and trash.

      Self-Moving or Relocation With a Moving Company

      Both province to province moving on your own and hiring a moving company have their advantages and disadvantages. Here's what you need to know about long distance moving using the services of professionals like High Stream Moving as opposed to moving on your own:

      Using a Moving Company

      • The cost of using a moving company might be generally high, but it’s upfront and transparent, and there are no hidden fees.
      • The moving process is much quicker and less time-consuming.
      • Your belongings are insured.
      • There’s less stress and no heavy lifting.
      • The chances of resulting in injuries and damages are less as the movers are experienced in what they do.
      • There is 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.
      Trust us to organize and transport your possessions! 

      Moving Yourself

      • It may look like a less expensive moving option, but there are many hidden costs, like the cost of renting a moving truck and packing materials, that you need to consider.
      • The chances of your belongings getting damaged are very high as you may not have the required knowledge for moving.
      • It is time and energy-consuming.
      • Moving yourself can be stressful and overwhelming as you are in charge of all the planning and execution.
      • You do the heavy lifting, packing, loading, offloading and unpacking your belongings on your own.

      Please note that the final choice of self-moving or professional moving should not only be based on the cost but also on factors like time, emotional balance and the quality of the outcome.

      Do you have any questions?

      High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional province to province moving services in Toronto and all across Greater Toronto Area.

      Our Features of Province to Province Relocation

      High Stream Moving provides clients with various features & services specifically for province-to-province moving. They include the following:

      • Secure Packing: Sturdy packing materials and color-coded labelling system.
      • Pool table moving: This entails moving of bulky pool tables from upstairs and downstairs and expert setups.
      • Office Moving: Zero downtime and professional handling of tech gear and big commercial organizations.
      • Moving Storage: We provide private climate-controlled units with 24/7 video monitoring.
      • Car Shipping: You get real-time car tracking and door-to-door car delivery services.
      • Piano Moving: Our trained movers handle your beloved piano as their own for a completely safe relocate.

      Our Fleet of Moving Trucks

      We have a full variety of different sizes of trucks in our fleet
      20 ft
      For studio and one-bedroom apartment
      26 ft
      For one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment
      28 ft
      For 3,4,5-bedroom apartment or home

      Province to Province Moving Cost

      High Stream Moving calculates the moving cost by the volume of your belongings and not the weight, which is one thing that sets the company apart from the rest province movers in Toronto. Once you have shared your information about your list of items, we use that information to calculate the space your items will take in a trailer. Afterwards, we provide you upfront and transparent pricing information based on your specific inquiry.

      Typically, High Stream Moving offers two pricing options for province to province relocation. You can choose to reserve an entire trailer with costs ranging from $8,900 to $11,990 based on the distance between your origin and the place of destination. The other option is filling out a long-distance moving quote form, which gives you the freedom to list all the items you need to move, and the company will provide you with a quote based on the volume of your items.

      For the best prices, contact us, High Stream Moving, at (800) 430-1537! In addition to relocation services, we provide a protection plan and custom crating to rest assured that your belongings reach you without a scratch.

      Why Choose Our Interprovincial Movers?

      In compliance with the law, High Stream Moving will help you prepare all the documents necessary to move between provinces.


      Clear Delivery Dates

      We provide clear delivery dates: a shared truck delivery where time depends on logistics and truck fullness, and an express delivery with 100% guaranteed departure dates.

      Accurate Estimate

      Our preliminary estimate is so accurate that the real final cost will differ by a maximum of 1%. We report in detail what work will be done and how much it costs, with no additional cost.

      Our HR consultant approves only the best employees who have passed a three-stage selection system to join our province to province team, including professional packers and drivers.


      1-Month Free Storage

      We provide 1 month of free storage in our private climate-controlled warehouses with 24/7 video monitoring. If you're in need of long- or short-term storage, you're welcome!

      Wide Range of Truck Fleet

      Our fleet of 20-28 foot trailers can haul small loads as well as a commercial office from province to province. We regularly check the trucks to ensure they are in good working order with all necessary moving equipment.

      Request a Free Quote

      Get free quote in 5 minutes
      Get free quote in 5 minutes

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Yes, we organise and conduct commercial relocations throughout Canada and the United States. Contact us at (800) 430-1537 for details and a full consultation on your unique situation.

        Our most popular moving projects will cost between $2,990 and $7,800.

        *Please remember that each move is unique and involves a different set of services, so the cost of your move may vary. For an accurate estimate, please contact our managers at (800) 430-1537.

        We do moves all over Canada and the US and internationally including.

        The best time to contact the moving company and conclude a contract is 10 weeks before the move. This is the time you will need to complete all your business at the old place, prepare your documents and start organising your life in the new place without rushing.

        During this period, you will also be able to agree with the transport company on a date that is convenient for you.

        When transporting valuable items, inform your manager about such a need, he will tell you what the algorithm of actions will be. You will need to take additional security measures.

        Read our article on packing jewelry for a move.

        Our Services

        Local moving
        Stress-free relocation within a community
        Long distance moving
        Any distances: interstate & cross-country
        Piano moving
        Specialized equipment & trained movers
        Moving storage
        Private climate-controlled units & 24/7 security
        Top-quality materials & color-coded labeling system
        Car shipping
        Door-to-door car delivery & real-time tracking
        Office moving
        Zero downtime & expert handling of tech gear
        Pool table moving
        Handling upstairs and downstairs & expert setup
        Сross Border Moving
        Canada & USA moving with GPS-tracked vans
        Province to Province Moving
        Moving all over provinces & states of Canada & USA
        International Moving
        Reliable transport over long distances & different countries
        Condo Moving
        Careful handling of apartment furniture & personal treasures
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