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Moving from Nova Scotia to Toronto

HIGH STREAM MOVING provides high quality moving services from Nova Scotia to Toronto. Professional movers, top notch equipment, absolutely no hidden fees!

We offer moving services in all states and cities in Canada and the USA. The most popular cities in moving from Nova Scotia to Ontario are:

  • from Halifax to Toronto
  • from Dartmouth to Toronto
  • from Bedford to Toronto
  • from Sydney to Mississauga
  • from Glace Bay to Hamilton
  • etc.
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Reasons Why People Move From Nova Scotia To Toronto

Move from Nova Scotia to Toronto

There are several reasons why moving from Nova Scotia to Toronto may be necessary.

Some may be looking for a change in scenery, while others may be seeking more opportunities in terms of work or education.

Whatever the reason, making the move from Nova Scotia to Toronto can be an exciting and challenging experience.

Toronto is a bustling city with plenty of activities and attractions to keep residents entertained.

For those who are looking to make a fresh start, Toronto may be the perfect place to do so.

Pros and Cons of Living in Toronto

As with any city, there are both pros and cons of living in Toronto. Before deciding on moving to Toronto, it is important to consider all the advantages and disadvantages.


  • A vibrant and lively city with plenty to do.
  • Excellent job opportunities.
  • A variety of education options.
  • Great for families.
  • A lot of exciting things to do and places to explore.
  • A modern transport system.


  • The cost of living is high.
  • The city can be crowded and busy.
  • The weather can be extreme.
  • There may be a lot of competition for jobs.
  • Poor air quality.

If you have decided that moving from Nova Scotia to Toronto is the right decision for you, it is important to bear all these in mind.

Best Locations for Moving from Nova Scotia to Toronto

Nova Scotia to Toronto moving can be a daunting task, but it is important to choose the right neighbourhood in which to live. There are several different areas in Toronto to suit all needs and budgets. Here are some of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto:

  • The Annex
  • Downtown
  • The Beach
  • Yorkville
  • Rosedale
  • King West

If you are looking for a vibrant and lively neighbourhood with plenty of things to do, the Annex is a great choice.

Moving Your self vs. Hiring Moving Company

Thinking about moving on your own? There is no real financial benefits when you do a long-distance move from Nova Scotia to Toronto yourself by renting a mover’s truck. And here’s why:

  • Renting costs more. When you rent a truck, you have to return it to the same place it was picked up. Otherwise, you’ll pay a lot more than you expect. 
  • Terrain and landscape matter. In high winds, the fuel consumption for carrying a heavy truck increases dramatically. Most rental trucks have gas-powered engines which comes to 30-35 litters/100km=1089$ for 15,20,24 ft vans/trucks
  • Assistance in packing and loading: you need experience in packing, loading your belongings into the truck, and securing the boxes. And also several pairs of hands, because it’s almost impossible to do it alone! Otherwise, you’ll be stressed trying to fit everything in the truck to get your stuff in one piece!
  • Save your back! Moving household goods is not a gym with comfort-handled weights-bulky items that work against your back.
  • Accommodation expenses? 250$ and up for a motel’s night along the road.

Also, consider all the possible problems that can arise with rental during a long trip from Nova Scotia to Toronto:

  1. Flat tire.
  2. Engine problems.
  3. Anything can happen on the road. Dangerous drivers.
  4. Shortage of gas supply or miscalculation.
  5. Difficult weather conditions (blizzards, ice, etc).

Imagine if any of the above happened to you in the middle of nowhere without phone service!

If you’re still thinking about driving a rental truck yourself from Nova Scotia to Toronto, just make sure it’s much cheaper and safer to hire professionals who have done it many times.

Hassle-free Moving From Nova Scotia to Toronto

Deciding to move from Nova Scotia to Toronto is a big one.

However, it is important to remember that there are plenty of resources available to help make the move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

There are so many pressures and challenges associated with moving, it can be hard to know where to start.

This is where professional movers can help.

A reputable moving company will take care of all the details, from packing & unpacking services and transporting your belongings and any other moving service.

High Stream Moving is a full-service moving company.

Moving from Nova Scotia to Toronto

High Stream Moving will take into account all your individual needs and requirements to ensure your move from Nova Scotia to Toronto is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Contact our Nova Scotia to Toronto movers today at (800) 430-1537 for a free quote.

The Cost Of Your Long-Distance Moving from Nova Scotia to Toronto

One of the key elements that you need to take into consideration when moving is the cost. Most movers prefer to give a long-distance moving quote based on generic estimates – the projected weight of your belongings or just a ridiculously cheap price just to get you booked. Certainly, this is not a fair way of coming up with the total moving cost.

High Stream Moving offers upfront flat rates for the list of items you have provided. Now you have that peace of mind to plan your budget. Our rates for long-distance are “room-to-room services” so

The minimum price for moving from Nova Scotia to Toronto is $450. There are 2 pricing options:

  1. Reserve the entire trailer 1320 cu ft equivalent of 26ft cargo trailer. The average cross-country cost for a FULL TRAILER is $7490.
  2. If you have just a 1 bedroom apartment(300 cu ft average) or a few boxes with bed to be moved, there is no need for a whole trailer. In that case, you can make a list of items or fill out our Long-Distance Moving Quote form. This form shows you how much cu ft or space things will take in the trailer, and we give you upfront prices based on that data.

Why Choose High Stream Moving for Relocation to Toronto?

Movers from Nova Scotia to Toronto

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced moving company for moving from Toronto to Nova Scotia or from Nova Scotia to Toronto, look no further than High Stream Moving. HSM Movers with care wrap all your furniture in moving blankets, fix and double-check your boxes for safe transportation. Need to disassemble furniture and put it back in your new place? We have got it!

Don’t know how to start with packing and you have a busy lifestyle? let us help with your packing. We have packed thousands of trucks and even more moving boxes so have all expertise and speed to perform!

Also, we are superior truck packers INSTAGRAM! We save your time, budget and effort with best-in-class truck packing techniques! Only dedicated guys who have been working with us for years. Real professionals, polite, experienced movers. HSM has a process to educate movers. A specially trained team leader-guide shares his experience, work tricks and company standards to insure quality in place.

We are a full-service moving company have been helping people move across Canada for decades.

High Stream Moving has the experience and expertise to ensure your move is smooth and stress-free.

All our movers are licensed, insured, and bonded.

High Stream Moving also has a fleet of modern moving trucks and cargo trailers that are custom-built by manufactury and equipped to ensure your belongings are safe and secure during transit.

High Stream Moving understands that every move is different. This is why we offer a range of different services and solutions to suit all needs and budgets.

Contact us and get a free quote!

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