Grand Piano Moving

By creating the conditions for moving grand piano smoothly, High Stream Moving takes the art of piano moving to unprecedented heights.

We carefully plan and execute every step of the complex transportation of this valuable instrument with precision, and ensure that every chord and key of your grand piano is safeguarded every mile of the moving.

Specializing in the intricacies of moving grand pianos over any distances, we give the assurance that your piano will arrive in perfect harmony. Trust your grand piano moving to us and get a service that perfectly matches your expectations. Contact us at (800) 430-1537 and let the music of your life move with you.

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Get free quote in 5 minutes

    Get free quote in 5 minutes

      Grand piano moving for any distance is in the reliable hands of experienced Toronto movers!

      Trained grand piano movers
      Climate-controlled warehouses
      Custom grand piano procedures
      Specialized trucks for piano moves
      Across country Canada & USA moving
      Multilayer packing for the grand piano safety

      Transporting a grand piano, with its majestic size and intricate craftsmanship, demands more than mere logistics: it requires precision, care, and expertise.

      Moving a grand piano requires experience and planning. Which you are right to expect from piano movers in Toronto.

      At High Stream Moving, we proactively prevent complications associated with grand pianos moving even if it is cross country piano moving. The grand piano's expensive frame and sensitive mechanics pose a special set of difficulties, from maneuvering through narrow doorways to protecting its delicate strings and hammers during transit. Our specialized equipment, including custom skids and climate-controlled vehicles, ensures that every aspect of the piano’s structure is safeguarded against the rigors of travel.

      By entrusting us with your grand piano, you gain not just a moving solution but a commitment to preserving the integrity and soul of your instrument.

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      High Stream Moving is proud to offer grand piano moving all across the Greater Toronto Area.

      Importance of Hiring Experts for Grand Piano Moving

      When it comes to grand piano moving in Toronto, hiring expert piano movers is very important! It ensures the safe transportation of your valuable instrument any distance, whether it's a local piano move or a long-distance piano move.

      Grand pianos are delicate, expensive, and often hold sentimental value, which is why it's crucial to entrust their relocation to professionals.

      • Expertise: Our professional piano movers possess the knowledge and skills to securely move your grand piano without damage and scratches.
      • Equipment: Our moving team uses specialized piano skids, dollies, and straps for safe grand piano relocation.
      • Insurance: Our expert piano movers generally provide insurance coverage for your music instrument.
      • Time Savings: Hiring our grand piano movers saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other moving aspects.
      • Custom Solutions: We tailor our grand piano moving services to meet your unique moving needs.

      Our Grand Piano Moving Process


      Estimation & Planning

      You get an accurate estimate for your grand piano move and choose a convenient date.

      Piano Dismantling

      Carefully dismantle the grand piano parts: legs, lid, lid hinges and lyre to ensure their safe moving.

      Grand Piano Packing

      Each grand piano part is wrapped in moving blankets to protect it from damage and scratches in transit.

      Moisture Control

      Before loading the instrument, we check the humidity level in the truck area, minimizing the risk of condensation.

      Loading & Securing

      Load and secure your instrument on a special cart using buckles and straps, especially when moving a grand piano.


      We move the grand piano to your new home, avoiding winding and bumpy routes for the safety of the instrument.

      Unloading & Installation

      Upon arrival, we carefully unload your grand piano and set it up in the specified location, taking into account all the customer's wishes.

      Final Inspection

      After the grand piano is installed, we perform a thorough inspection to make sure there is no damage and that everything is assembled correctly.

      How Much Does It Cost to Move a Grand Piano with High Stream Moving?

      Prices for moving a grand piano in Toronto start at $360. Generally, the piano moving cost depends on the type and size of the piano, distance, availability of an elevator, and related services. Also, it is important to note that the weight of your household items affects the final cost of the move.

      Below are the moving costs for the most common types of pianos in Toronto. For our customers, we provide additional climate-controlled piano storage for one month free of charge!

      Piano TypeCostNumber of Movers
      Spinet, apartment size, small/regular upright piano360$2 piano movers main floor (3 stairs included)
      Heavy upright, baby grand pianos390$2 piano movers main floor (3 stairs included)
      Semi-concert grand, 8 ft grand pianos550$-700$2 piano movers main floor (3 stairs included)

      Do you have any questions?

      High Stream Moving is proud to offer grand piano moving services in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area.

      Why Choose Us?

      Our experienced team works with you to think through all the details of your grand piano move, from the initial assessment to the final arrangement.


      Custom Packing for Grand Piano

      We use high-density foam, microfiber wraps, climate-controlled trucks, and shock-absorbent crating to prevent damage from temperature fluctuations during relocation.

      1-month Free Storage

      For our clients we provide a 1-month free climate-controlled warehouse for the grand piano. All our storages have 24-hour security and video-monitoring.

      Our team is made up of only the best employees who have passed a three-stage selection system to join us.


      Tuning Post-Move

      In our moving grand piano service is also included a professional tuning after the transportation. Our specialist will ensure your grand piano sounds its best in the new location.

      Full Insurance Coverage

      Our all-covered insurance policy ensures that in the unlikely event of an accident, your grand piano is fully protected. In case of any emergencies, you will be compensated.

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      Get free quote in 5 minutes.
      Get free quote in 5 minutes

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Yes, moving grand pianos is really different even from transportation of an ordinary piano. That is why you should use only professional moving teams who are familiar with the peculiarities of transportation of musical instruments.

        For example, the piano should be placed on the so-called "false leg". The movers who professionally move pianos always have it in stock.

        You also need a special truck, the sides of which are padded with soft material to prevent vibrations. And there are more nuances!

        Our team does all the necessary preparation for the move, you won't have to worry about it.

        We put a lot of effort into the preparation process. Since a grand piano has much more weight than a regular piano, it should be prepared for moving.

        To do this, we lower and secure the top of the piano's lid. Then we disassemble the pedals and legs of the piano and carefully wrap them in moving blankets and tighten with special straps. Then wrap the lid, keys, and sides of the piano in the moving blankets.

        Due to the weight of the grand piano and its size, at least 4 people are needed for moving. Heavier pianos and concert grand pianos may require five or six people.
        Yes. Basic insurance is always included the quote. Extended insurance options are available upon request. For more details and free estimate, please contact us!

        We use moving blankets under the grand piano board, so we can drag it safely without scratching the floor. If the piano board is made of wood, it can still make scratches when touching the floor or tile.

        Also, we build our own custom-made heavy-duty moving dollies with rubber wheels only. Grand pianos are extremely heavy, so plastic wheels can also leave dents and scratches on the floor.

        Our Services

        Local moving
        Stress-free relocation within a community
        Long distance moving
        Any distances: interstate & cross-country
        Piano moving
        Specialized equipment & trained movers
        Moving storage
        Private climate-controlled units & 24/7 security
        Top-quality materials & color-coded labeling system
        Car shipping
        Door-to-door car delivery & real-time tracking
        Office moving
        Zero downtime & expert handling of tech gear
        Pool table moving
        Handling upstairs and downstairs & expert setup
        Сross Border Moving
        Canada & USA moving with GPS-tracked vans
        Province to Province Moving
        Moving all over provinces & states of Canada & USA
        International Moving
        Reliable transport over long distances & different countries
        Condo Moving
        Careful handling of apartment furniture & personal treasures

        We Move All Kinds of Piano Safe and Professional!

        • Spinet piano moving

          Spinet piano moving

          36” to 39” tall
          200-300 lbs

        • Console piano moving

          Console piano moving

          40” and 44” tall
          200-300 lbs

        • Studio piano moving

          Studio piano moving

          45” and 47” tall
          400-500 lbs

        • Professional upright piano moving

          Professional upright piano moving

          48” and over
          600-800 lbs

        • Petite grand piano moving

          Petite grand piano moving

          4′ 5″ to 4′ 11″
          400-600 lbs

        • Baby grand piano moving

          Baby grand piano moving

          5′ to 5′ 5″
          400-600 lbs

        • Medium grand piano moving

          Medium grand piano moving

          5′ 6″ to 5′ 8”
          550-650 lbs

        • Professional grand piano moving

          Professional grand piano moving

          around 6’
          600-700 lbs

        • Parlor grand piano moving

          Parlor grand piano moving

          4′ 5″ to 4′ 11″
          600-700 lbs

        • Semi-concert piano moving

          Semi-concert piano moving

          around 7’
          900-1000 lbs

        • Concert piano moving

          Concert piano moving

          around 9’
          900-1200 lbs

        • Hybrid & electronic piano moving

          Hybrid & electronic piano moving

          4′ 5″ to 6′
          50-400 lbs

        Baby Grand4’8to 5’8Medium Grand5’6to 59ProfessionalGrand 6’Semi-ConcertGrand 74Concert Grand811’ and MoreUpright Style PianosGrand PianosSpinet36to 39Console40to 44Studio45to 49Upright50to 60