Local Piano Moving

The High Stream Moving team are the guardians of your piano's next journey. Realizing that every piano has its own story and significance, we approach each move with technical precision and heartfelt care.

Our services are designed for any type of piano, and we guarantee that whether it's an imposing grand piano moving or a cozy upright piano, it will be given the attention it deserves.

Our team, working across Canada, knows the ins and outs of piano moving and promises that safety will be combined with harmony. To ensure the move hits the right note, give us a call at (800) 430-1537.

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    Local piano moving will be your instrument's best tune with our team!

    Packing in shipping blankets
    Piano storage services
    Delivery after purchase
    Reliable fleet of trucks
    Across country piano moving
    Emergency Piano Transportation

    In the delicate dance of piano moving, High Stream Moving leads with experience and empathy. The anxiety of damaging your cherished instrument during a move is real. We confront this by blending advanced moving technology with a touch of old-school craftsmanship, even when it comes to long-distance piano moving.

    Pianos are not only delicate but also costly. When moving one, it is essential to take special care to avoid expensive damages. Piano movers in Toronto work to ensure the moving process is as smooth as possible and even apply special tools.

    Our team addresses every concern, from securing fragile components to managing unpredictable road conditions, ensuring your piano arrives in pristine condition.

    Partner with us for a service that offers more than just relocation; we provide a concerto of client satisfaction and instrument safety.

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    High Stream Moving is proud to offer local piano moving services in Toronto and all across Greater Toronto Area.

    Importance of Hiring Experts for Local Piano Moving

    Pianos consist of several components, which, when broken, can be challenging to replace and sometimes even impossible. You must be careful with the wires, keys, pedals, and other components.

    While trying to move it yourself may seem like a good idea, piano-moving professionals will do a much better job especially when it comes to cross country piano moving. Here is why:

    • The chances of home damage will be less, as moving pianos can cause floor and wall damage.
    • Professional piano movers will handle your piano correctly and employ means to keep it safe during relocation.
    • Lowers the chances of injury since professionals work with experience.
    • Professional movers will do the work much faster than you would.
    • You save money in the long run since you will not worry about extra fees in case of damages.

    Local Piano Moving Cost

    Ultimately, the kind of piano you have, and the movers required will determine how much it will cost to move it.

    Type of PianoCostMovers Required on Main Floor
    Spinet, apartment size, regular or small upright piano$3902 (including four stairs)
    Heavy upright, baby grand pianos$4502 (including three stairs)
    Semi-concert grand, 8 ft grand pianos$550-$7002 (including three stairs)

    Our Moving Process


    Coordinating the move

    You get an accurate estimate for your local piano move and choose a convenient date.

    Piano dismantling

    Carefully dismantle the piano parts: legs, lid, lid hinges and lyre to ensure their safe local transportation.

    Packing of Parts

    Each piano part is wrapped in shipping blankets to protect it from damage and scratches in transit.

    Moisture Control

    Before loading the instrument, we check the humidity level in the cargo area, minimizing the risk of condensation.

    Loading and securing

    Load and secure the instrument on a special cart using buckles and straps, especially when transporting a grand piano.


    Transport the piano to its new destination, avoiding winding and bumpy routes for the safety of the instrument.

    Unloading & Installation

    Upon arrival, we carefully unload the piano and set it up in the specified location, taking into account all the customer's wishes.

    Final Inspection

    After the piano is installed, we perform a thorough inspection to make sure there is no damage and that everything is assembled correctly.

    Do you have any questions?

    High Stream Moving is proud to offer local piano moving services in Toronto and all across Greater Toronto Area.

    Why Choose Us?

    High Stream Moving provides the full cycle service: from making a moving plan and timeline to unpacking at the new place.


    10+ Years of Experience

    Our movers have circumnavigated the globe 150 times (6000000 km) and the number of moves completed has exceeded 800.

    Accurate Estimate

    Our preliminary estimate is so accurate that the real final cost will differ by a maximum of 1%. We report in detail what work will be done and how much it costs, with no hidden extras.

    Our HR approves only the best employees who have passed a three-stage selection system to join our team.


    Personal Assistant

    We respond quickly and with a individual approach to requests. For any urgent moving needs, we will find a personalized solution for you.

    Truck Fleet

    Our fleet of 20-28 foot trailers can haul small loads as well as a three-bedroom home or commercial office. We regularly check the trucks to ensure they are in good working order.

    Our Services

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    Get free quote in 5 minutes

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Hiring professional piano movers is highly recommended and advised because they have specialized training, equipment, and experience. We understand the complexities of moving a piano and how to minimize risks. We also provide insurance, which offers financial protection in the unlikely event of damage. Save your efforts, health, money by hiring local community movers.

      Moving a piano is difficult because of its size, weight, and fragile nature. Pianos can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1,000 pounds, and their irregular shape makes them awkward to maneuver and even handle.

      They also contain delicate internal components that can be damaged if not handled properly. Furthermore, their fine-tuning can be affected by movement and changes in the environment, making the moving process even more complex, sometimes extreme.

      It is not recommended to do it by yourself. Improper techniques and lack of experience can lead to a serious injury or even death. Moving a piano up or down stairs is a task we handle with care.

      We use special piano skidboards, custom made dolly, strong straps, and padded blankets, and our experienced team guides the piano step-by-step.

      We move all types of pianos in all the GTA, across Canada & USA, with local Toronto coverage including:

      1. Toronto
      2. Vaughan
      3. Mississauga
      4. Hamilton
      5. Richmond Hill
      6. Barrie
      7. Kitchener
      8. Aurora
      9. Oshawa
      10. Oakville
      11. Brampton
      12. Etobicoke
      13. Kingston and etc.

      Before moving a piano with our company, it's important to provide a specific details or concerns about your instrument. This could include its type, make, model, age, and any existing damage.

      We also need to know about the locations for pickup and delivery: are there any stairs, landings, narrow doorways, or tight corners? This information helps us to plan the move and ensure we have the right equipment and team members.

      Finally, you should understand the cost and what is included in it, our insurance coverage, and our policies for scheduling and cancellations. We want to make sure the entire process is transparent and straightforward.

      We Move All Kinds of Piano Safe and Professional!

      • Spinet piano moving

        Spinet piano moving

        36” to 39” tall
        200-300 lbs

      • Console piano moving

        Console piano moving

        40” and 44” tall
        200-300 lbs

      • Studio piano moving

        Studio piano moving

        45” and 47” tall
        400-500 lbs

      • Professional upright piano moving

        Professional upright piano moving

        48” and over
        600-800 lbs

      • Petite grand piano moving

        Petite grand piano moving

        4′ 5″ to 4′ 11″
        400-600 lbs

      • Baby grand piano moving

        Baby grand piano moving

        5′ to 5′ 5″
        400-600 lbs

      • Medium grand piano moving

        Medium grand piano moving

        5′ 6″ to 5′ 8”
        550-650 lbs

      • Professional grand piano moving

        Professional grand piano moving

        around 6’
        600-700 lbs

      • Parlor grand piano moving

        Parlor grand piano moving

        4′ 5″ to 4′ 11″
        600-700 lbs

      • Semi-concert piano moving

        Semi-concert piano moving

        around 7’
        900-1000 lbs

      • Concert piano moving

        Concert piano moving

        around 9’
        900-1200 lbs

      • Hybrid & electronic piano moving

        Hybrid & electronic piano moving

        4′ 5″ to 6′
        50-400 lbs

      Baby Grand4’8to 5’8Medium Grand5’6to 59ProfessionalGrand 6’Semi-ConcertGrand 74Concert Grand811’ and MoreUpright Style PianosGrand PianosSpinet36to 39Console40to 44Studio45to 49Upright50to 60