How to Move a Piano?

Pianos are fragile, complex, and bulky musical instruments that require delicate handling before, during, or after moving. Otherwise, you risk damaging the frame, the keyboard, the cover, or the legs.

Tips for Moving a Piano Safely

Tips for Moving a Piano Safely

As a homeowner, you need experienced and professional movers to help you move a piano safely because of their nature. Fortunately, this article will help you understand how to move a piano safely using the necessary tools and materials.

We at High Stream Moving Company take pride in moving pianos safely from your old residence to your new location. We have the experience and expertise you need to execute the process.

You should, however, understand a few things before you begin the moving process.

  • Contact a professional piano moving company.
  • Wrap the piano with pads to protect it from scratches.
  • Map a route through the doorway to help in the moving process.
  • Measure the piano before purchasing any wrapping material.
  • Use the correct gear i.e. heavy-duty straps and a dolly.
  • Close the keyboard lid and protect it.
  • Always move the piano in an upright position.

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High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional local and long distance moving services in Toronto and all across Canada and the USA.

Steps Involved to Move a Piano Safely

Always follow the recommended step-by-step procedure to avoid damage and scratches when moving a piano.

Step One: Hire a Team of Professional Piano Movers

Contacting a reliable piano moving company is the most integral step. Fortunately, at High Stream Moving Company, we have all the tools, team, and skills to handle delicate piano moves.

Also, research information about piano moving services to get a free quote or estimate before contacting the piano movers or even booking an appointment.

Step Two: Acquire All Moving Equipment

Here is a list of the necessary tools and utilities to move a piano safely.

  • Gloves
  • Tape
  • Dolly
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Blanket
  • Plastic wraps
  • Ramp
  • Moving Truck
  • Piano skid board
  • Screwdriver

Step Three: Measure the Size of the Piano, Hallway, Doorway, and the Staircase

Start by mapping out a route of passage. Compare the piano measurements with the route.

Measuring all dimensions will help you tell if the piano fits through your home. You can also adjust the doorways if the piano does not fit through.

Step Four: Piano Moving

Step-by-step process:

Upright/Digital piano moving

  • Protect the keys and pedals with plastic wrap
  • Secure the piano lid
  • Cover the piano with a blanket
  • Lift the piano using a dolly
  • Move the piano through the house
  • Use a ramp to load the piano onto the truck
  • Tie-down the piano on the moving truck using straps

Grand piano moving

  • Cover the piano bench
  • Detach and cover the music rack
  • Secure the piano lid
  • Remove the legs and pedals
  • Wrap the piano in a blanket
  • Tilt the piano on its back and secure it with straps
  • Carry the piano through the house with the moving team
  • Load the piano into the truck and tie it down into position

Step Five: Moving the Piano Inside the New Residence

Slowly roll the piano out of the truck to avoid breaking the legs or damaging the frame. Repeat step three above and move the piano through your new home. Make sure the new position is clean before placing the piano into position. Reset the piano tunes.

Steps Involved to Move a Piano Safely

Moving a Piano on Different Types of Floors

Hardwood floors

  • Place plywood over the area
  • Lift the piano on the plywood and push. Though, use less force when pushing it.

Up and downstairs

  • Remove the dolly/straps and lift the piano along the stairs one step at a time

Hiring Professionals Vs. Doing It Yourself

You can either move the piano by yourself or hire professionals to help. However, moving a piano yourself has consequences (as seen above). So, hiring professionals is recommended.

Professional piano movers handle all the planning and moving processes. They have the necessary tools to secure and carry the piano compared to moving a piano yourself. In most cases, you might not have all the required tools and utilities.

At High Stream Moving Company, we have a special piano moving team that specializes in moving pianos. This cannot be compared to moving the piano with your family members or neighbors who might lack the experience and expertise.

Hiring professionals can be expensive. But did you know that moving a piano yourself can also be costly? For example, you will have to purchase a few essential tools for moving a piano (if you do not have them). Furthermore, repairing a damaged piano while moving by yourself is expensive.

The other importance of hiring a professional piano moving company is the convenience offered. Most homeowners do not have moving trucks parked at home. Hence, contacting a reliable moving company is the only logical solution. At High Stream Moving, we have several moving trucks that fit all household items, including pianos.

Remember that you should not load a piano in an ordinary car if you do not want to deal with accidents and damages.

Lastly, moving a piano yourself takes longer than moving the piano with professionals. At High Stream Moving, we guarantee efficient piano moves to your new residence.

Hiring Professionals for Piano Moving

Dos and Don’ts

There are a few things you should do and should not do as a property owner.

Take your time to look for a reliable piano moving companyDon’t try moving a piano by yourself
Plan the exit and route before moving a pianoNever pull or push a piano a long distance using its caster
Be careful on the carpets and staircasesDon’t lift the piano with bare hands no matter how many you are.

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High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional local and long distance moving services in Toronto and all across Canada and the USA.


The bottom line of moving your baby grand or medium grand piano is to contact the experts. Professional movers have the necessary skills and tools to handle local and long-distance piano moves.

This guide has looked at how to move a piano safely, plus the importance of hiring professional piano movers. We at High Stream Moving, provide affordable and efficient piano moving services to homeowners today.

Contact us at (800) 430-1537 today and get an estimate or talk to our customer care agents.

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