How to Pack a 26-Foot Moving Truck

Moving day is often an eventful one. Weeks or even months of planning culminate in just a few hours of frantic activity. Of course, it only takes a few hours if you get it right. The more belongings you have, the more you have to pack, and the more complicated moving day will be. There are a few helpful tips on how to pack a moving truck like a pro right here in this article.

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How to Select the Right Truck

You have to take inventory and get an idea of what the ideal packing truck size is for your needs. Moving trucks from most professional firms offer a variety of sizes.

For home movers, the smallest are city cargo vans, while the largest are box trucks, about 26 feet long. This article is specifically about how to pack a 26 foot moving truck.

Even if you are inclined to only hire and pack a truck for moving by yourself, it is still wise to have professional help. They can help you make an estimate and pick the best truck size that fits.

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Packing Tips that Work

For the most part, the basic rule of packing is heavy and large items go in first. The rest of the things go in after, scaled by size and weight.

Packing this way has many benefits. They include:

  • It is the most efficient way to pack items and use the truck space.
  • It helps to spread the mass and maintain the truck’s stability. A load moving truck needs to have the weight distribution at a low level to provide stability and safety.

Finding the Most Effective Loading Order

Here is a basic guide you can follow. Needs and applications differ, so there is a more set and specific way you must load a moving truck in a specific order. There are always going to be exceptions.

  1. The biggest and heaviest objects should be placed first. Furniture often makes up the majority of this. Large appliances should be wrapped up if they are too big to place in boxes. Always place them with the right side up, so that nothing breaks.
  2. Any large and heavy items, you should place them in front and low in the cargo area, over the center of gravity of the truck. Be careful to load the truck’s front with other larger items as well.
  3. A packing trick that may surprise you is that fitting heavier things vertically is actually more efficient than sitting them down flat. You will use up the full cross-sectional area better with vertical placement.
  4. Next to follow are all of your items in cardboard boxes. Optimize space by arranging them according to size and shape. Labels are useful, so get a bit of tape and right what is inside where. This makes unloading easy and also lets everyone know what items are fragile.
  5. Light furniture like awn chairs, kids’ toys, lawn chairs, couch cushions, luggage, and dining chairs can be placed on top. Light possessions should not be placed or squeezed under heavier stuff so that they will not be crushed or damaged.
  6. Always wrap fragile items that are prone to tearing and keep sharp edges as covered as possible. Try using moving blankets or plastic wrap. Glass faces like those on pictures, mirrors, and TVs must be given special attention.
  7. To stop your heaviest goods from moving, use tie-downs to secure them.
  8. Another packing hack is to roll up rugs and carpets into cylinders and then tie them. A rug must be rolled properly with the outside facing out.
  9. Near the back of the truck, the medium-to-lightweight objects can go. This includes any moving boxes and smaller furniture pieces.
  10. Where possible, pack items into their original boxes. This is the best protection designed for them. It also helps you keep track of them.
  11. Labels also help, so pack collectibles, jewels, and valuables in boxes with clear labels. Important documents may also need to be packed individually.

Hiring Moving Company & DIY

Although everyone’s home is different, packing and moving is a pretty generic process at the end of the day. Appliances, furniture, and other possessions are not the same for everyone, but the same basic processes apply.

If you are a DIY kind of individual, you will probably need only a few pointers on how to best manage available space, time, and money.

However, you will definitely need more than a few people to assist you on the moving day. Helping hands is something you will need to figure out because moving professionals know how to pack a moving truck like a pro. The experienced professionals at High Stream Moving offer the best deals.

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Do not fall into the trap of choosing a smaller loading truck because it will be cheaper. A truck that is 1 foot lower and 2 feet shorter has much less total volume than you might expect. Be aware that a smaller and cheaper packing truck might ultimately end up costing you both time and money. And refer to High Stream Moving to get the best moving service in town!

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