Moving Cost in Toronto

Moving to a new place of residence, whether it's condo moving or moving to another country, is a major life change and the costs associated with it can be prohibitive. You won't have to splurge as much cash needlessly the greater your planning and adherence to moving cost-cutting smart strategies. Therefore, we've discussed the possible average cost of moving services you can get in Toronto to help you out.

Moving Cost in Toronto

Average Moving Estimates

The moving company cost listed below came from the countless moves we've successfully done across Toronto over the years. Please be advised that these are typical moving prices for simple relocation. For a more accurate quote, it is advised to ask the moving service provider for a free consultation and estimate.

SizeAverage TimeRecommended number of moversPrice
1-bedroom apartment4 hours2$300-600
2-bedroom apartment6 hours2$500-900
3-bedroom apartment8+ hours3$1100-1500
1-bedroom house5 hours2$675-900
2-bedroom house7 hours3$1140-1330
3-bedroom house8-10 hours3$1500-1700
4-bedroom house10+ hours3-4$2000-2400

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Meanwhile, a moving company usually asks for a cost of up to $2,300 for a condo move in Toronto depending on its size. It cost a little more than the typical house move since transferring furniture and other valuable items through a service elevator is tricky.

Formula to Calculate Moving Cost

Calculating the cost of movers when you are in Toronto is relatively straightforward. Check out this formula to know your average moving costs:

Mover's rate * Moving duration + Extra fees = Moving price + Tax = Total moving cost

Consider the following scenario: You live in a two-bedroom flat, it is summer, there is a 25-kilometer difference in the distance separating the two locations, and some additional to your typical belongings, you further want to relocate a vault. The best time to move is in the summer when the cost ranges from $100 to $120 per hour. Two movers are advised. Only one hour would be added to the total time because the distance is less than the 50-kilometer restriction. A vault, for example, costs about $150 to move. The 13% tax must also be taken into account.

We can quickly perform the subsequent computations by applying our formula:

Mover's rate * Moving duration + Extra fees = Moving price + Tax = Total moving cost
$110 × (6+1) + $150 = $920 + 13% = $1039.6

Factors Affecting the Cost of Moving

There are different factors that may affect the cost of moving depending on the location in Toronto, these are:

Time and Season

The cost of movers in Toronto is often impacted by the timing of the move. Depending on how popular they are at a given time, movers have varied rates. Since these tend to be the most prominent moving seasons and there is a huge market for moving solutions, relocating during the summer, over holidays, and on the initial and final days of each month is generally more costly. Furthermore, it is less expensive to move on weekdays than on the weekends. Move on a weekday and steer clear of high-demand periods to save bucks.

SeasonRate for 2 movers per hourRate for 3 movers per hour


The scale of your property obviously influences how long a move takes, making it a key determinant of how much the moving company costs in Toronto. Although it might seem quite clear, moving a massive mansion will cost significantly more than moving a one-bedroom condo. To begin with, a bigger house entails more bedrooms, so many things to transfer, a longer time, and a heavier task. Besides that, if your house has a stairway where your movers should carry items between floors, this extends the entire process and raises the overall moving expense.

Moreover, even though you only want to relocate a few belongings, and it will barely last a few hours, you will still need to stump up for three to four hours because this is typically the minimum time that movers demand. Basically, the larger your property is, the more things you need to transfer, the more time it costs, and the greater amount of money your move will get.

Toronto Movers Cost


Distance is one of the main elements that affect how much moving services cost in Toronto. Moving inside a city is less expensive and difficult than moving across state lines. The cost of moving increases with the distance across the initial and final locations. For interstate moves, professional movers must have the appropriate certification and insurance. Experienced movers can recommend the quickest way to minimize your expenses and lower the risk of destruction.

However, for the majority of local moves in Toronto, the proximity does not significantly affect the travel charges, which differ significantly from every mover in terms of ideas. The majority of movers only specify a flat rate, which is often equal to 1 to 1.5 hours of their regular moving rate. Some businesses charge $1.50 to $2.00 for each kilometer after the initial 50 kilometers.

Special Items

Usually, two movers and a trailer come to our minds whenever we consider moving services. Nevertheless, the amount of your move may need to be increased based on the size, mass, and worth of your possessions. You might require a larger trailer or perhaps more movers if you want to transport a billiard table, huge pieces of furniture, or antiquities. In any scenario, this will increase the entire cost of your transfer. It usually goes around $150-$500.

Both weight and available space are important factors when relocating. It's crucial that you take your products' combined weight into account, especially if you're relocating far. Weight is a factor that your movers will consider and, in some situations, use to determine your relocating quote.

Special ItemAverage Cost
Hot tub$375
Grand piano$250-$550

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High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional local and long distance moving services in Toronto and all across Canada and the USA.

Extra Moving Fees

  1. Temporary Storage. It is very helpful if your move-out date is earlier than your move-in date. Moving companies usually charge
  • 1–2-bed apt (10×10 unit): $300
  • 2–3-bed house (10×20 unit): $630
  • 3–4-bed house (10×30 unit): $860
  1. Packing and Unpacking. This is valuable when you don't have time to pack and unpack for yourself. Therefore, you can get this service for your own convenience which costs, note that this is for packing labor only:
  • 1–2-bed apt (2-3 packers): $900
  • 2–3-bed house (3-6 packers): $1360
  • 3–4-bed house (4-8 packers): $1740
  1. Moving Supplies. With this, the moving company provides all supplies that you need when relocating, which saves you from the hassle of going into different shops. The cost is listed below:
  • 1–2-bed apt: $135
  • 2–3-bed house: $300
  • 3–4-bed house: $425
  1. Disassembling & Reassembling. If you have items and possessions which should be disassembled and reassembled for it to move, you will have to pay for this fee if you do not want to do it by yourself. It will cost you:
  • $65-$75 / hour per mover
Average Moving Estimates in Toronto

Why is Moving Yourself a Bad Idea?

Doing a DIY move where you'll just rent a truck and take care of everything by yourself or with your family may be a great way to cut the cost. However, when you choose this, you might miss out on some essential points that only professional movers are capable of handling and getting things done.

One point is the climate: in times of severe blizzards or heavy rains, it is dangerous for you to travel on your own. Whereas, moving companies have professional movers who are more familiar and can handle the change in weather better than anyone else.

Canada's terrain and environment are desolate; there are few residences and steep roads, and a car accident or a punctured tire might have disastrous results. It may get you stranded in an isolated location where getting a chance for some help is rare and may take longer hours or even days. To avoid all of this, hiring a service from a moving company is much preferable and will save you a lot of time and hassle. 

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You can be confident that the staff at High Stream Moving will support you every step of the way and ensure that your next move is a complete delight. Communicate with us at (800) 430-1537 to get a free estimate!

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