How to Pack Crystal Stemware for Moving

Crystal stemware is luxurious and unique glassware that should be handled with care whenever you are moving. A crystal stemware has a flat base that supports the glass stem. These household items are brittle and can be tricky to pack.

Fortunately, at High Stream Moving, we offer different moving services, including secure packing of fragile household goods. Our professional packers will stuff all your valuable and fragile items using the correct padding. Moreover, we have all the necessary materials for packing crystal stemware.

how to pack crystal stemware

Essential Tools and Supplies

Moving crystal stemware requires secure packaging – otherwise, they might crack or break. You need the appropriate materials, tools, and accessories to pack and seal these special household items.


  • Boxes
  • Cardboard
  • Knife or scissors
  • Packing paper or newspaper
  • Permanent marker pen
  • Seal tape
  • Wrapping material like bubble wraps

Wrapping Materials:

  • Towel
  • Bubble wrap
  • Newspaper
  • Tissue paper
  • Paper rolls
  • Magazine
  • Sheets/pillowcases

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High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional local and long distance moving services in Toronto and all across Canada and the USA.

Step-by-Step Process

Therefore, are you relocating and concerned about how to pack crystal stemware for moving? Here is the correct step-by-step process for packing your glass stemware.

Before the Move

Contact High Stream Movers! You need to request 'packaging services' from us before the relocation day.

Ensure to communicate the exact number of fragile items available to our High Steam Moving team. This information helps us to identify the required equipment.

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure the set (s) of crystal stemware are clean before packing.
  • Place all the glassware in one area for easy packing.

During the Move

Understand how to pack crystal stemware for moving. Packing the crystal stemware correctly eliminates the risk of damage.

Step 1: Gather all items together

Get the crystal stemware and place all the necessary tools on a flat surface.

Step 2: Gently wrap the crystal stemware

  1. Use a wrapping material like bubble wraps to cloak the glassware.
  2. Wrap the top, out, inside, base, and stem of the glass without leaving any part exposed.
  3. Tuck the excess material on the base area or inside the glass to protect the glass.
packing crystal stemware

Step 3: Prepare the packing box

Packing with dividers:

  1. Cushion the bottom of the box with newspaper and add more padding to secure the bottom of the box.
  2. Use cardboard sliders to partition the box for each glassware. (Make the sizes tight for each glass to make sure they fit precisely with minimum/no space left).
  3. Gently place each glass at the partition. (Ensure to place the glasses facing up, straight, or lying on the sides for an easy moving process.

Packing without dividers:

  1. Place enough newspapers to secure the bottom of the packing box. However, this depends on the size of the box.
  2. Next, place enough cushion padding on the box. You can use thick layers of padding, but not up to a ¼ section of the box.
  3. Place the glasses in the box closely to each other without leaving any spaces.

Step 4: Secure the top area

  1. Add more padding at the top area to ensure the box is airtight.
  2. Use bubble wrap, newspaper, or other wrapping materials and make sure every part is correctly tucked in.

Step 5: Sealing the Box

  1. Close the box nicely by ensuring all the ends are inserted correctly, then use seal tape to close it.
  2. Use a permanent marker pen to label the box for easy identification. You can label it fragile, glass, or crystal stemware.

After the Move

You are not done packing crystal stemware for moving until you load the box(es) into the moving truck(s).

  1. Gently carry the boxes and load them into the truck.
  2. Place the boxes on the truck's floor to keep them from falling.
  3. Secure the fragile boxes between furniture, confined areas, or cabinets to reduce movement during transportation.

Pro Tip: Avoid accidents by moving crystal stemware gently.

moving crystal stemware

Moving Tips and Hacks

  1. Use dish rack partitions rather than cardboards.
  2. Fill any spaces left with wrapping materials.
  3. Use small-medium-sized boxes for packing the crystal stemware.
  4. Keep all equal-size glasses in the same box.

Packing crystal stemware in packing boxes has its advantages.

  • All glasses are safe from damage.
  • Make packing organized.
  • Easy to identify the fragile items during a move.
  • Easy to pack & unpack.

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High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional local and long distance moving services in Toronto and all across Canada and the USA.


Packing crystal stemware for moving requires great care to avoid any damage. High Stream Moving, fortunately, is among the best relocation companies that guarantee efficient results. Our experienced packers understand how to pack crystal stemware for moving.

Additionally, our team will execute fast, safe, and correct packaging of crystal stemware. Contact us today at (800) 430-1537 to get all the above-mentioned services, plus the moving estimate and more packaging info.

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