Can I Move a Piano Myself?

The piano is probably one of the most precious possessions of any homeowner. However, it is also one of the hardest things to move around the house, which is why owners typically ask the question: can I move a piano myself or should I hire professional piano movers? And this is what we will discuss in this post.

Moving a Piano Myself

A Piano Is Not a Furniture

You may be asking if it is worth moving a piano DIY style. But consider that the piano is not a piece of furniture even if you are keeping this musical instrument for decorative purposes.

You cannot treat a piano the way you would treat a mattress or your bed frame. Piano construction is different from how furniture is made and if you fail to move this musical instrument carefully, then you are likely to damage or break it.

Keep in mind that pianos either an upright piano or a grand piano, are quite expensive and intricately made. You may not get the same sound if you attempt to move a piano yourself.

The Right Equipment Necessary

You need the right tools and equipment to move a piano. You simply cannot drag this instrument and do the loading and unloading of the piano yourself from the truck. The piano can be damaged at different stages of the move such as loading, while in a moving truck, and during unloading.

In contrast, professional piano movers have the experience and tools for relocating the piano. They may have piano dollies, and skid boards to move a heavy piano from one room to the next. Also, movers will pack your piano properly and you don't have to worry about it. On your own, you have to use a lot of blankets, plaids, and other soft, dense material.

If you are thinking of buying these tools yourself, then consider their costs. The skipping board, for example, means shelling out a couple of hundred dollars.

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Different Shapes and Weight

The massive size of the piano is what allows it to make beautiful sounds. Consider the piano's design. It has heavy strings requiring big space internally, so it can make sounds for the lower notes.

This also means that you cannot expect all sides of the piano to have the same weight. As such, when moving pianos, it is crucial to know how they are constructed and where most of the weight is to avoid damaging the instrument.

If you transport it yourself, you need to solve the puzzle of how to move it, not just in space, but through doorways and stairs.

Zero Cost Savings

Many try to move the piano on their own because they think this is more cost-effective. But they will, later on, realize their mistake for the following reasons.

  • Too much time spent. It's not just about how much you will be paying the movers. You also have to consider the amount of time you will spend on the task. If you need to take some time off just to move big items like a piano, are you really saving money?
  • Cost of injury. Many have tried to move the piano on their own but failed because they sustained personal injuries. Rather than simply spend on professional movers' fees, many piano owners have spent money on high medical bills. Some injuries also required more rest so others could not work for days until their injuries are better.
  • Space renovation. If you have damaged the space where the piano originally was, then chances are, you will need to spend some money restoring the space to its old look. This might mean new flooring, walls, or some repainting.

Sadly, other people especially those who are renting have had to spend hundreds if not thousands renovating the damaged space.

Damaging the Nearby Space is Possible

Amateurs trying to move the piano will have a hard time estimating the surrounding space. It also doesn't help when inexperienced piano movers do not have the correct dollys required to move the piano seamlessly.

Many make the mistake of dragging or pushing the instrument around even if maneuvering is hard. This is why many amateurs end up denting and scratching floors, walls, or skirting boards.

Is it worth to move a piano myself?

Time Constraints

There's nothing easy or quick when it comes to moving furniture. A piano in this regard is like furniture— it is extra challenging and time-consuming to get out of the house and move into a new space.

If you are moving homes, then you are unlikely to spend additional time moving the piano. You have after all, many other items to move and mind. Getting the services of professional piano transportation and moving companies will save you both time and money.

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Sustaining Injuries

A piano can weigh more than 1400 lbs. This weight is the same as an adult cow, which means lifting it will be quite challenging. Think of the kind of twisting, bending, and turning you'll need to do just so you can lift this heavy musical piece.

Sadly, many do-it-yourself people realized too late how taxing it is to move the piano. Many have already sustained personal injury such as torn muscles or broken bones after accidentally dropping the piano on their legs or foot.

Given the weight of the piano, any injury caused by moving it will need medical care and even hospitalization. For some, moving the piano themselves became a very expensive lesson as they can spend on medical bills rather than just paying for professionals to move the piano.

Turn to Professionals from High Stream Moving

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