What Needs to Be Canceled When Moving

The stress that comes with long distance moving is one that many people tend to avoid. Moving to a new house is good, but having to deal with the drama of the old one is depressing.

With many people considering changing their homes, we will be giving you a list of things that you must not forget to cancel before throwing a housewarming party at your new place.

What Things Uou Need to Cancel Before Moving To Your New Place

6 Things You Must Cancel Before Moving to Your New Place

There are some important things you must cancel before planning to move to a new place. They include;

  • Landline 
  • Cable and wifi
  • House rent
  • Gas and electricity
  • Gym membership
  • Newspaper subscription 

Phone (Landline)

When moving or relocating to a new home, canceling your landline plan is very important. Canceling your landline plans can save you as much as $20-$60 a month. And at this time of economic hardship, huge expenses like this won't look good on your balance sheet. 

If you don't feel like canceling your plan because of the importance of the number. You can easily call customer care services and request that your line be ported to another service as you move out of that area.

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Cable & WiFi

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, one can access the internet and cable TV from anywhere and anytime in the world, just from their mobile device. The one issue with accessing the internet from anywhere in the world is that the further away you are from the cable or internet providers, the slower your access to the internet. 

However, swapping your old internet and cable providers for a new one whenever you relocate is a step towards enjoying your new place. With a new service provider, you are sure to continue watching some of your favorite shows and sports without having to worry about poor network.

Things To Cancel Before Moving To Your New Place

House Rent

In some cities, rents are paid weekly, monthly, or yearly. Depending on the city, be sure to cancel your rent before moving. Telling your landlord that you are leaving his property makes it easier on both of you. It helps them make arrangements for whoever is next coming in after you. Most rental companies, especially in the US, require their tenants to give 60 days advance notice before moving out or risk being fined.

Gas & Electricity

Electricity and gas are the two utility services that must be carefully nullified when relocating. These two utilities are so essential to our daily survival that they must be canceled on the day of your relocation. 

Failure to cancel them can put you into a lot of financial trouble because the service charges measure by the day and sometimes by the hour.

Gym Membership

If you are not moving to a location not too far away, canceling your gym membership is absolutely not necessary. Things to cancel when moving are things you can't access due to distances or things that cause you inconvenience when accessing them.

With so many gyms everywhere, finding and registering for a gym that fits you won't be any trouble.

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Daily Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions

This is one of the easiest items on the list to cancel when moving. With fast and easy access to the internet, it would be better if you switch from traditional physical newspapers to modern online newspapers. 

Remember you can easily notify your newspaper company of your new house address if you want to keep receiving your newspapers and magazines in the old ways.

What Utilities Needs to Be Canceled When Moving

Steps to Cancel Them

  1. The first thing you need to do is contact your landlord and inform them that you will no longer be renewing your rent.
  2. When canceling your electric and gas services, send a representative to check the final reading on the meter. This is to be sure that your final bill is correct. Also, if you made a security deposit for your gas or electricity, don't forget to ask for a refund. 
  3. Most internet providers usually request 30 days' notice to stop charging you for services you longer use. But you can call them to make it official.
  4. For your newspaper, all you need to do is call your newspaper, and it is done. Most newspapers, like the Financial Times, offer to reimburse their clients using the same payment method they used for subscribing within 14 working days after you call for the cancellation.
  5. Call the front desk of your gym and ask them to cancel the subscription.


High Stream Moving, a reliable moving company, knows that moving to a new home can be difficult, but when done perfectly, can be satisfying. So, to avoid being hunted by bills from your old house, take adequate care when canceling all your subscriptions and utility services as you move out. Aside from the items mentioned above, here are other lists of things to cancel when moving out, water, trash, cleaning service, school, sewer, and more.

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