How to Write a Moving Notice to the Landlord

No one can stay in a single rental forever. So, at least once in your life, you will need to move (and probably hire professional movers). It can be to your own house or another rental. You can carry out the whole moving process yourself or, if it is an international move, you can use the services of a transport company. 

Whatever the case, you need to worry about more than finding a new place, packing, and transporting your stuff to a new home. This includes how to communicate your intentions to your landlord. 

Providing your landlord with proper legal notice to terminate your lease is most times a lease requirement and will ensure you do not lose your security deposit or face a legal charge. Read on to find out how and when to provide your landlord with a moving notice—a lease termination letter template. 

Write A Moving Notice To The Landlord

When to Give an Official Notice that You’re Moving Out

Before contacting a full-service moving company to start your moving plans, it is crucial to first communicate with the landlord.

If you are on a month-to-month lease, the landlord-tenant law requires you to give a 30-day notice to the landlord before moving. However, the actual period depends on the terms of the lease agreement and the legal requirements of your specific state.  The notice period is meant to protect the landlord and allow time to find a new tenant.

Long-term/yearly leases can not terminate the contract halfway through but have the right not to renew the contract once the term lapses. However, the law also requires the tenant to give the landlord a 30-day notice before the expiry of the lease. This also varies from one state to the other. 

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How to Give the Notice

The best way to deliver the ease termination letter is through a written hard copy and deliver it to the landlord in person. This will ensure no mishaps or leave you wondering if the message was received. 

However, you can also send the letter through registered mail or e-mail. 

How to Write Your Lease Termination Letter

A lease termination letter/moving notice is a legal document. Therefore, you should ensure that it contains all the necessary information. The main thing to pay close attention to is the dates. In addition, ensure the rest of the information is succinct and straight to the point. 

The general information to include is:

  1. The premises address.
  2. The landlord’s name.
  3. The date you are submitting the notice.
  4. The date you will move.
  5. A clear statement indicating that you intend to terminate the contract and move.
  6. A statement stating that you provide the 30-day notice (or the days stipulated on the agreement) with the notice. 
  7. Provide your new address or a means to contact you after you move. 
  8. Forwarding information for your security deposit (maybe your bank account). 
  9. Also, if you are breaking the lease and there are penalties involved, ensure to mention this in the letter. 
  10. Do not forget to append your signature to the letter.
Notice To The Landlord Before Your Move

Notice to Vacate Letter Template

Here is a moving notice letter to help frame your own notice. 

[Your Name]

[Your Full Address including House Number]

[Today's Date]

Re: Official Notice to Vacate

Dear [name and/or company]

[Landlord’s or property management company full address]

Paragraph 1: State your intention to move and state the date (Don’t forget to mention the property you are moving from). 

Paragraph 2: Mention the notice days requirements as per the lease agreement. And add any necessary information. For example, if you are required to carry out repairs or return the property keys, mention when you will do this. 

Paragraph 3: mention your security deposit and provide forwarding information, including where and how you can be contacted.

[Your New Full Address including House Number]

[Your Phone Number]


[Your Name] (typed)

[Your Signature]

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