Change of Address Checklist: Who to Notify When You Move

A lot depends on a successful long-distance move. In addition to months of looking for a new home, acquiring boxes, packing, hiring a moving truck (or contracting professional movers), you will need to notify various people/entities of your change of address—and not just your family and friends. 

You can notify them even after the move. However, it is advisable to do it as soon as possible to avoid the hassle of service errors or missing bills.  

Are you unsure where to start and who to notify when you move? Here is a list of addresses to change when moving that will help you determine who you need to give a heads up about your change of location. 

Who to Notify When You Move

Gas and Electricity

You will need gas and electricity in your new home. Therefore, you need to make this notification as soon as you find the new address and confirm the day you will be moving—or you risk getting into your new home without electricity or gas. 

Also, while registering your new address, remember to arrange it in such a way that service in your old place stops on the day you move. 

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This is the same as gas and electricity. Notify the provider that you have changed locations and will not use the utility beyond the date you move. 

Other Utilities

Even with water, gas and electricity set, other utilities could lead to frustrations if not set in your new home beforehand. These include: 

  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Phone services
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Sewer services, etc

Post Office

After setting your utilities, the other top priority is to notify the United States Postal Services of your change of address. This will ensure that all mails—including mail to your old address—are forwarded to your new address. 

Plan to do it at least a week before you move so that there is no gap between when you move and when the mail forwarding service starts. You can easily update your address online here

Tax Agencies and Social Security Administration

It is important to notify all the necessary government agencies of your address change—you can easily do this online. For your state tax agency, check online on their site for directions on updating the changes. 

The IRS has a simple online form to notify them of the address changes. The same applies to the Social Security Administration


Notify your employer of the change of address so they can update your official contact information. This will ensure that your cheques, pay stubs, tax forms, and other relevant details are sent to the right place. 

Change of Address Checklist when You Move

Bank, Credit Card Company and Loan Providers

Check online for information on updating the changes on your bank and credit card company. While at it, do not forget to check how to send this information to your loan providers. You are moving but not running away from your responsibilities. 

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High Stream Moving is proud to offer professional local and long distance moving services in Toronto and all across Canada and the USA.

Insurance providers

As a priority, contact your home/renter’s insurance providers and let them know of the changes and where to transfer the cover. If you are moving to a rental, keep in mind that some landlords need proof of the insurance cover. So ensure that the changes are taken care of beforehand. 

While at it, do not forget to update:

  • health insurance, 
  • dental insurance, 
  • car insurance, 
  • and life insurance

Memberships and Subscriptions

Update the changes on all the services you are signed up with and organisations you are involved in. These include:

  • Online shopping services like Amazon and eBay.
  • Magazines and subscription services
  • Clubs and organisations, e.g. Costco

Family and Friends

Last but not least, let the people who care about you know that you have moved. You can send a generic email to everyone on your contact list, or if you want to be more eccentric, you can design unique change of address cards and send them to the people you care about. 


We at High Stream Moving know that moving can be hectic. In addition, notifying all the necessary parties of the changes can be time-consuming. But it needs to be done and in good time. This will ensure that all these parties can update the changes to avoid problems like missing mail, missing a service, etc. 

Remember, although it is tiresome to make these notifications, it is even harder to track down missing or lost items. So the above change of address checklist when moving will help you keep track of this and stay on top of your game. 

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