How To Wrap Dining Chairs For Moving

Are you thinking of cross country moving? Or are you in the process of shipping dining room furniture to another state or country? Then you might be wondering what the best way to pack a dining room set to protect them from damage is. 

Like all the other furniture in the house, dining chairs need to be carefully packed and protected when moving. But the good news is, preparing dining chairs for a move is pretty straightforward. All you need is to prepare the right materials and figure out whether they are detachable or not. If they are detachable, you can decide whether to detach them or wrap them whole. 

Whatever your decision is, we have provided a step-by-step guide below on how to pack both disassembled and full dining chairs.  

How to Prepare Dining Chairs for Wrapping

So how do you wrap dining chairs for moving? Well, before you can start wrapping your dining chairs, you need to go through these steps to prepare. 

How To Wrap Dining Chairs For Moving

Step 1: Cleaning

Naturally, you want to start life in your new home on a clean slate, literally. The last thing you want is to drag dirt and dust into your new space. Therefore, before anything else, start by thoroughly wiping down the chairs to remove any dirt and dust. Use water and a mild detergent to wipe the sitting area, the back of the legs, and underneath the chair. 

Give the chairs time to dry before you go to the next step. 

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Step 2: Disassemble 

If possible, disassemble the chairs (this will depend on the type of chairs you have). To confirm if you can disassemble them, turn the chair over and inspect underneath the seat to see if the legs can come off quickly and safely. 

If the legs are permanently fixed on the chair, do not attempt to remove them, as this will damage them. If they are removable  (have visible screws and bolts), use a screwdriver to detach them from the seat carefully. Ensure to keep the nuts, bolts, screws, and other fastening materials safe to avoid losing them. 

Wrapping Dining Chairs for Moving

Now that you have already prepared your chairs for wrapping, it is now to get to the actual work. We have prepared a guide for both disassemble chairs and non-disassembled chairs. 

Wrapping non-disassembled dining chairs

If your chairs are not detachable, then can easily wrap them whole using furniture blankets. You can also use the same method if you have detachable chairs, but you choose not to disassemble them. Here is how to wrap and pack full dining chairs:

  1. Place a clean furniture blanket (or an old blanket) on the floor.
  2. Place a chair on top (one at a time). Place the chair diagonally with the top of the chair facing you. 
  3. Cover the back of the seat with one corner of the blanket. 
  4. Now cover the left and right sides of the chair while pulling the blanket between the legs of the chair. 
  5. Now take the hanging sides of the blankets that stretches out and then fold them inward and up between the legs of the chair, wrapping them tightly. 
  6. Now put the chair back to an upright position and finish up wrapping the remaining loose ends. 
  7. Now use a packing take all over the seat to snugly secure the blanket on so it does not come off and damage the chair during the move. 
Wrapping Dining Chairs For Moving With Highstreammoving

Wrapping disassembled dining chairs

Good for you if you successfully disassemble your chairs. Now let's wrap them. 

  1. Label your chairs and their legs. The last thing you need is to start figuring out which leg goes where while assembling the chairs in your new home. So use sticky pads (or whatever sticky material you have) to number the chair and number its legs 1, 2, 3, 4. 
  2. Number the legs such that you know what seat it belongs to and which side it goes. For example, you can use the same sticky notes to number the spaces on the chairs where each leg is attached. 
  3. Now wrap each leg in bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape. This will help protect the legs from damage while moving. 
  4. Now follow the same process as wrapping a non-disassembled seat above to wrap the legless chair. Wrap them in blankets, ensuring all the parts are covered, and then finish up by wrapping them with packing tape. 

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Amidst all the stress and anxiety of moving, do not let packing dining chairs be a source of frustration. Protecting your precious chairs is not difficult at all. Thankfully, you now know all there is to know about how to wrap dining chairs for moving. 

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