How to Pack Glasses for Moving Without Paper

When moving condos and houses, wrap your glasses to prevent them from chipping. It would be best to pack the glassware compactly in boxes to keep them from moving excessively.

Many people use paper to cushion their fragile items when moving. While this industry standard is affordable and easily available, it isn’t always effective. Sometimes the papers get torn, leaving the glasses exposed, or the ink could transfer to their surfaces, causing permanent damage. This article will tell you how to pack glasses for moving without paper.

packing glasses for moving

What Are Some Effective Paper Alternatives?

If you’re packing glasses and don’t want to use packing paper or cannot seem to get your hands on good-quality paper, you can improvise and still pack them correctly.

How else can you pack glasses for moving without paper? Here are four alternatives to packing paper that you can easily find in any household:

Bubble Wrap

These are a great option if you want to pack glasses for moving without newspaper. This wrap works magic, especially if your glasses will have to travel over a long distance on bumpy roads. Bubble wrap provides close to maximum protection for glassware. However, these saviors are quite costly and less eco-friendly than other packing materials such as paper.

Choose a wrap with smaller bubbles for your glasses instead of larger bubbles. The former wraps around the items more effectively, protection against breakage.

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Cloth Wraps – T-shirts and Socks

Another way to pack glasses and dishes when moving is by wrapping them in clothes. You can use t-shirts and socks to wrap your glasses. Try and wrap two glasses per t-shirt to save on space. Protect the small or oddly shaped glasses by placing them inside socks

The upside is that you can use whatever type of clothes you have available. The downside is that the clothes take up much space in the box.

how to pack glasses for moving

Pillowcases, Sheets, and Towels

Most households have all these three items in abundance. When packing your glasses with pillowcases, sheets, and small towels, ensure that you provide enough padding between the items. Pillowcases are quite thin, so you can fold them so that they provide enough cushioning. On the other hand, towels are quite thick, so they provide enough cushioning for the items placed between them without needing to be folded. Unfortunately, towels take up lots of space inside the packaging.

Vertical Stacking

Stack the glasses vertically inside a compact space like a tray if you're a minimalist. The glasses need to be packed firmly to minimize movement. While this is a simple and practical solution, it’s quite a high-risk option. It would be best if you were very careful while transporting the glasses.

Foam Plates

Do you have any remaining foam plates from the last party you held at your house? You can place these between your glasses to prevent breaking. They act as a barricade between the glasses bundled horizontally.

Foam party plates are thick and spongy and can, therefore, absorb any pressure that would otherwise break your glasses.

The Packing Process

STEP 1: Choosing the Right Container

When looking for a container to put your glasses in when moving, there are numerous options to choose from. Some of them include boxes, trays, and barrels. Ensure that what you choose is strong enough to hold the glasses.

STEP 2: Packing the Wrapped Glasses

Choose the most suitable packing solution depending on your needs. Once you’re done wrapping the glasses, place them inside your container of choice. Cushion the bottom of the container to prevent the glasses at the bottom. Pack the heavier glasses first, followed by the lighter ones.

You should also ensure that the glasses are not too squeezed in there as that could also cause them to break. If you have extra space on the sides or at the top, fill it up with bubble wrap or pieces of cloth.

how to pack glasses for moving in Canada

STEP 3: Sealing and Labeling

Apart from boxes, it would help if you had other packing supplies such as tape. Use this to seal the topside. Once that is done, label the container describing its contents. Ensure that you indicate “FRAGILE” because glass breaks easily, and notify anyone moving it to be cautious.

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STEP 4: Unpacking

Everything should get to your new home in one piece. Be extra careful when unpacking the glasses to avoid any last-minute accidents. Clean them and arrange them inside where they’re safe and easily accessible for daily use.


There’s so much to do before moving. Packing your household items should be the least of your concerns. Trust High Stream Moving to package your fragile glasses carefully, and you won’t come across any cracked ones after getting your new abode. They’ll always offer great professional services.

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