Is It Worth to Move from Toronto to Calgary?

Moving from one city to another is a frequent practice in Canada. It can be a household move or an office or business move. The relocations happen due to many reasons. Some of these reasons include economic reasons, living standards, retirement, employment, and many others. Every Canadian city has its peculiarities. These peculiarities inform decisions like long-distance moving from Toronto to Calgary.

Is It Worth It To Move From Toronto To Calgary

Knowing the Two Cities

The capital of Ontario, Toronto, is distinguished by a high living standard. Calgary, on the other hand, also has a high living standard. The city is in the Southern province of Alberta and presents people with many opportunities. This article may influence your decision to move from Toronto to Calgary.

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What Differentiates the Cities?

It is vital to know the features of the cities before discussing relocation. The two cities have features that set them apart. Knowing this eases long-distance moving from Toronto to Calgary.

  • Toronto has a large population. More than six million people live there, and it serves as Ontario's capital. The city is also globally renowned for art, culture, administration, and finance. Another vital thing to note about Toronto is its multicultural society. The dense population is one feature influencing long-distance moving to Calgary.
  • Calgary's standard of living is comparable to Toronto's. It is of great economic importance to Canada. The city acts as the administrative and financial center of Canada's oil and gas market. It is less populous than Toronto. It is not as populated as Toronto. The population factor is one of the top reasons people move from Toronto to Calgary.

Reasons to Relocate from Toronto to Calgary

Many factors influence moving from one city to another. Housing, income, and environment are some of these factors. This article will highlight the reasons for long-distance moving below:

Living Expenses

The city of Calgary is beautiful and lively. Living in Calgary is less expensive than in Toronto. This is interesting for low-income earners looking to enjoy life in a metropolitan area. Calgary boasts the same living standard as Toronto. The difference is that it is much cheaper and more affordable in Calgary. 

Other economic variables like insurance and taxes are lower in Calgary. Goods and Service Tax (GST), for example, is just 5%. This is because Alberta has no provincial tax levied on citizens. Toronto residents are charged three times that amount for GST. It is a valid reason to move from Toronto to Calgary.

Long-distance moving from toronto to calgary

Housing and Accommodation

Housing is a crucial need for everybody. It is another reason why people move from Toronto to Calgary. Compared to large urban centers like Toronto, Calgary has the most affordable homes. 

Homes in Calgary are half as expensive as those in Toronto. It means that a person can get the same value for half the price you will pay in Toronto. A $1m house in Toronto may be obtainable at $500,000 in Calgary. The city of Calgary gives better housing options at affordable rates. This is yet another reason to consider long-distance moving to Calgary.

A Clean and Healthy Environment

Calgary is famous for its beautiful and clean environment. It was named the cleanest in the world by the highly esteemed Forbes magazine. The World Atlas and Mercer also agree with this ranking. This statistic is interesting and crucial to people moving from Toronto to Calgary.

The sewage and waste disposal systems in the city are first-rate. The availability and quality of the water are excellent. The city has minimal air pollution when compared to large Canadian cities. The city's cleanliness is a result of cleaning activities and laws. Littering, for example, attracts heavy fines. 

The city boasts a good waste recycling system. There are vital activities during spring to keep the environment clean. Moving from Toronto to Calgary may have a significant impact on your health.

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Healthcare Services

The healthcare system in Calgary is excellent. There are 141 doctors for every 100,000 people. This is more than the national average of 115 per 100,000 people. Alberta residents with a Healthcare Insurance Plan card have access to many free healthcare services. The move from Toronto to Calgary will significantly improve your health.

Long-distance moving to calgary

Accessible, Environmental-Friendly Transport System

It is easy to catch a bus or train in Calgary. The city's transport system is not as saturated as that of Toronto. The transport network consists of trains and buses. Moving from Toronto to Calgary is beneficial in this regard.

Environmental factors are influential in moving from Toronto to Calgary. The trains in Calgary have friendly effects on the environment. Electricity generated from windmills powers the trains. It is the first rail system powered by wind in the world. This is a sound environmental practice anywhere in the developed world.

Carbon emissions have significantly decreased in Calgary thanks to using clean energy. Transportation in Calgary is affordable. It is completely free in some downtown regions. Moving from Toronto to Calgary is perfect if you are reliant on public transport.

Leisure and Entertainment

Calgary is not a boring city. The city's environment makes it an ideal place for leisure activities.

Holiday activities like hiking, camping, cycling, and biking are popular in the city. The Rocky Mountains and other natural sceneries in the city make it perfect for these activities. There are other spots in the city where people spend quality time with their loved ones. This is worth the move from Toronto to Calgary.

The entertainment life in Calgary is quite good. It may not be as much in Toronto, but it is good enough. Given the size and population of the city, the entertainment is top-notch. Many theatres, museums, and art galleries are scattered everywhere in the city. The nightlife in the city is also great and exciting. In terms of entertainment, you will not miss a lot moving from Toronto to Calgary.


Relocating from one province to another consumes time, money, and energy. Many Toronto movers can help you achieve this goal. However, it is vital to consider reasons before embarking on long-distance moving. For some of the reasons provided in this article, moving from Toronto to Calgary may be worth the stress.

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